Battlestar Galactica

ABC (ended 1979)





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  • High quality space show that you can watch with your kids. Could you say that about the new BSG. The new show sells sex not sexiness.

    Star Trek probalbly the best scifi made and held up. A high brow style like Babylon 5 but with the humor of SG1 and Firefly. Now the Original Battlestar Galatica goes back more geared for kids to an earlier time. A Lost in Space that kids young can enjoy but also family entertainment. Great visual and special effects that hold up to the new one. Great chemistry with actors who sell a story. Lorne Green I always felt was the anchor of the show which the actors could sell their parts. Not to mention the cast looked like they enjoyed being with each other like a family. Adama and Tigh great friends and loyal commanders. Our heroes Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer a bunch good fellas helping the fleet out as often as possible. A sense of nobility. Humanity pulling together to save the race. Entertaining stories with the crew. Starbuck who steals the show was a good friend of Apollo and Boomer who would be their in a pinch. A free spirit but descentant man. This was important for the caring of each other. The evil villan Boltar and the cylons just a great enemy of the fleet. The new BSG is lacking alot of this style. The lack of moral code bothers me when I watch this new one. The old one gave young people a sense of what is to be the good guys. If you haven't watch this series in awhile get the dvd set and re watch the classic BSG. You will be surprised how good it is. Cheesy in some parts but not filthy and vulger as in the new one. I want to be entertained not have to take a shower.