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  • An amazing television show that fell victim to a high budget. Far supperior to the new version in every way!

    No TV series that lasted only one season can boast a bigger fan base than Battlestar Galactica. The series that Newsweek Magazine dubbed "Son of Star Wars" still, 25 years later, hosts hoards of loyal die hard fans. What is the appeal for the series so many years after it left the airwaves in 1979? A series so popular that it was revived this year by the SciFi Channel as a new mini-series. This fleet on the run story based loosely on Mormonism may actually be more popular today then it was then. As a fan of the show from it's original airing I can tell you that the series left a lasting effect. I can still remember being that eleven year old boy that tuned in every Sunday night with joy for a new episode of Galactica. Star Wars had come to TV. Or at least the next best thing. Remember there were no DVD's or VCR in the late 1970's. Galactica was intentionally designed to capture the momentum of the hugely popular George Lucas epic. It did the trick. The show was a huge hit with my generation. But this show was no clone. The series itself stood on its own. Great special effects, good acting, and stories that sparked imagination made the show unique for it's time. What did in Galactica? Simple. Money. Each episode was heavy on the special effects side. Each episode ran around the million dollar mark to produce. Today that may not be much but back then it was unheard of. No amount of ratings could equal the cost. The show was popular, but not that popular. Yet despite this the fans have stayed loyal to the show throughout the decades.

    The story itself focused on the last remaining refuges from a once great intergalactic society running for their lives from the Cylon Empire. The Cylons may be Science Fictions most inept villains ever. They can hardly walk above a shuffle and could never hit anything they aimed at. In comparison Stormtroopers (Star Wars) look like Special Forces. Regardless the Cylon Empire did manage to destroy almost all of humanity in a "Pearl Harbor" like sneak attack on a day that was bring peace between the two races. Survivors of the Holocaust boarded what ships they could find and formed a fleet behind the last surviving Battlestar. The Galactica. The only hope for these survivors was to reach a lost tribe of mankind that existed in myth. Their home world known only as Earth and it's exact location a mystery. The fleet plotted the best course they could with the limited information available and began a journey to save mankind.

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