Battlestar Galactica

ABC (ended 1979)





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  • When you think of Sci-Fi. Galactica better be one of the names that comes to mind. This is an amazing series, and no version can even come close.

    The Original. The Classic. The Adventure.

    Galactica truly blew out of the water during the second Sci-Fi era of Television. If you don't like this series, then you really are foolish and unsensible. With many people finding this series due to a rehash that is far beyond disgusting, it is a growing cult classic. Galactica is a favorite of mine for many reasons. This just drools as the embodiment of Sci-Fi / Adventure for me. It inspires me, and makes my mind open. The plotlines of this series is wonderful and just great to see for yourself. Especially how the characters molded.... this just felt a lot more like a timeless classic than Star Trek: and thats just for the characters. Its a lovely show, and if you haven't seen it, you just are missing out on a timeless, cutting edge classic.