Battlestar Galactica

ABC (ended 1979)





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  • The original is still the best....

    This show was tremendous. Although many accused it of trying to be a television version of Star Wars, it was much much more than that. This show stood on it's own as the last military ship of a civilization lead the remaining civilian populous on a trek to find another civilization in which they could live. Each episode normally featured some exploits from it's two heroes, Starbuck and Apollo as they traversed the galaxy. If you like action, drama, cool space age robots (they were cool in the 70's), special effects that were ahead of their time and adventure, then this show is for you. The original is still the best may be a tag line for some other shows, but for Battlestar Gallactica it is more than true. From the eyes of a 14 y/o in the late 70's this show was all about the good versus evil struggle, and lots of fight sequences that by todays standards may be lacking. But still, this will always be a classic to me