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  • A fantastic scifi adventure.

    After many long weeks of searching, I've finally found and purchased a copy of the Battlestar Galactica DVD box set. That's right, I was never born around 1978, so I missed out on it's deput, and I never caught SciFi's reruns either, but with the DVD set I think I've managed to gain my knowledge of this show.

    Battlestar Galactica is one of the old-school classics I'll be enjoying for quite some time. With my interests in robotic characters, technological space travel, and action-pact space fights I became amazingly intersted in the whole series.

    The acting and the actors themselves really played out their roles, especially after they had to re-act and replay them after days of script changes(as I've learned in the DVD extras). I should say they must have worked themselves almost to death, but I think their hard work really paid off. There was quite a bit of emotion, comedy, and heroism all throughout the season.

    Also, being the same special effects crew with Patricia Rose Duigan, John Dykstra, Laine Liska, and Alvah J. Miller who have had a hand in making Star Wars have performed a wonderful job on their part as well. The whole series almost seemed like the next Star Wars(though some people say BG came first) with it's rather impressive effects. Though it did seem it had it's tiny noticable flaws, such as the begiining of episode 1 where the four battlestars are moving through space, you can see the plastic stand below them that is used to support them on set, it still was enough to keep me amused.

    I also enjoyed how the story relates to some parts of the Bible and found the whole idea of egyption civilization being part of one of the old cultures of humanity in the galaxy the characters lived in. I've just about enjoyed almost every single episode, even though the Cylons(the robotic foes) made less and less appearances and having the crew deal with other dangers as they went on, I still enjoyed the series quite well.

    It was all indeed cut short by cancelation however, as every other thing on TV has to face, but I think this has lived on with the many fans that have enjoyed it since. A very "must see" and "must buy" title.