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  • A great sci-fi show that was great to watch then and now...!

    Battlestar Galactica was only on television for a single season but its impact resonates to this day. The series tells the story of an ongoing war in a far off universe between humans and a race of robotic beings known as the Cylons that is supposedly about to end. Thanks to treachery, the Cylons spring a surprise attack that results in the destruction of most of the civilized planets and the fleet of battlestars protecting them. Adama, commander of the only battlestar to survive the attacks, gathers together ships containing the survivors of the attack and sets off away from the devastation and in the direction of the colony referred to by legend - the planet Earth!

    With this story, viewers were treated to a weekly dose of action and drama with a dab of comedy and dry wit thrown in for good measure. With characters such as Starbuck, a brash cigar smoking, card playing, woman chasing Viper pilot, Apollo, Starbuck's friend and fellow pilot as well as Adama's son and a number of other memorable characters, each week's episode showed the Galactica and its crew take on obstacles large and small. From the constant menace of the Cylons, led by the treacherous and arrogant human Baltar, to encounters with beings that have powers beyond the comprehension of normal men and women, each week's episode was an enjoyable installment to view for people that tuned in.

    As for the show's details, it was, for the era, state of the art FX for the space battle scenes. One criticism that this reviewer has, though, is that they tended to show the same scene repeatedly during the series run. However, given the fact that Battlestar Galactica was the most expensive TV show airing at the time, this could be attributed to an effort by the show's producers to keep the budget from spiraling out of control. In regards to the show's actors, some very good actors appeared on the show either regularly or as guest stars. Lorne Greene, as Commander Adama, was a stalwart on the show and Lloyd Bridges, Patrick Macnee and Fred Astaire were exceptional during their appearances in the series.

    In regards to favorite episodes, this reviewer highly recommends the two part arcs ' Lost Planet of the Gods', ' Living Legend' and ' War of the Gods'.

    To sum it up, this short lived series was one that is revered by many of its fans to this day for a variety of reasons. Regardless of what others may say, Battlestar Galactica is a great show to watch and can be watched by people young and old. Highest recommendation!
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