Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 2

Saga of a Star World (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 17, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Onboard the survey shuttle returning from the freighter Gemini, Apollo is stonewalled in his attempts to delve into the food shortage issue. Starbuck befriends Cassiopeia. A suspicious Apollo heads for the liner Rising Star and finds that most of the ship's food stores have been contaminated. On the Cylon flagship, Imperious Leader is informed of the humans' escape under the protection of the Battlestar Galactica. On the Rising Star, Athena asks Apollo to help her with her son, Boxey who misses his daggit, Muffet.

Apollo learns that a wealthy passenger, Sire Uri, has been hoarding food in his suite. Apollo insists that his food supplies be distributed to all the ship's passengers. On Galactica, Cassiopeia's broken arm is mended and Starbuck is the object of her gratitude. Long range patrols show no sign of Cylon pursuit. At the Council meeting, over Adama's objections, Sire Uri proposes a stop on Boralis citing the recent food shortage. Apollo offers support for Adama's objection and proposes a different, shorter and more dangerous route to Carillon by traversing a nova that has been mined by the Cylons. He proposes clearing the minefield with laser fire from vipers piloted by Boomer, Starbuck and himself. The Council approves Apollo's plan. Apollo returns to the Rising Star to get Serina and Boxey who is presented with a mechanical daggit named Muffy. We see a budding relationship buiding between Apollo and Serina.

On the Galactica, a tired and despondent Adama is comforted by his daughter. Prior to his dangerous mission, Starbuck is approached by Cassiopeia and they adjourn to a launch tube to make out. On the bridge, a jealous Athena uses the monitors to find Starbuck and sabotages his fun with some well-placed steam. Apollo briefs Boomer and a fidgety Starbuck on their upcoming mission telling them that they will have to navigate by instruments only due to the nova's too bright starfield. Galactica provides aiming guidance as the vipers clear a path for the fleet to navigate and they reach Carillon.

Galactica coordinates landings (with fighter support) on Carillon to obtain fuel, food and water. The planet is rich in tilium, a main source for fuel. Boomer and Starbuck lead a ground support team to find the tilium mine and instead find a gambling resort teeming with human visitors in the middle of nowhere. And the visitors are surprisingly unaware of the destruction of the Colonies. Another oddity: everyone seems to be winning. Meanwhile, Apollo (with Boxey and Serina) leads another survey team attempting to find the mines. Apollo tells Boxey the history of the Cylons from their reptile origins to their ultimate demise at the hands of their robot workers. At the resort, Starbuck and Boomer watch a singing group made up three girls with four eyes and two mouths each.

On Apollo's transport, they find traces of tilium and Muffy runs out to find it. Boxey runs after him. On the transport, Apollo and Athena get closer. In the desert, Boxey is unable to find Muffy and is grabbed by a mysterious hand. Apollo and Jolly return from searching for Boxey when they and Athena are captured by a group of Ovion miners. The Ovions are bug-like creatures. They transport the three into a tilium mine. There, the Ovion leader tells them that Boxey is safe and they are reunited with their friends inside the casino. Galactica is informed that the Ovions have extended an open-door policy to all humans in the fleet. Adama and Tigh are suspicious of the Ovion's motives as more and more of the fleet moves down to Carillon. In the resort, a group of visitors leaves the gaming floor via elevator to their rooms but the elevator goes all the way to the bottom. The door opens and the visitors glances turn horrifying and screaming ensues.
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