Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 3

Saga of a Star World (3)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 17, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

On the Galactica, Tigh and Adama discuss the intelligence they have on Carillon. It seems Baltar was responsible for the initial report on the colony and it reported something quite different from what is apparent. They both wonder if the Cylons might be involved. In the casino on Carillon, everyone is having a good time, especially Starbuck. He is being wooed by first Cassiopeia and then Athena but when they meet he loses both. Back on the Galactica, Sire Uri, under the impression that the Cylons only attacked because the humans were perceived as a threat, proposes to the Council that now that they are safely on Carillon that they destroy their weapons (and the Galactica by inference) so as not be a future threat. The Council prefers that the disarmament decision be made by the people. Adama rebukes the naysayers and leaves the Council chamber. Sire Uri proposes to make the announcement during a medal ceremony for Apollo, Boomer and Starbuck, the pilots who led them to safety on Carillon. In the casino, Cassiopeia and a warrior head for their respective quarters when the elevator takes them all the way to the bottom. When the doors open, they see Ovians putting humans into a hive-like structure. Starbuck is negotiating with the four-eyed/two-mouthed trio to become their agent when Boomer tells him they have to head back to the Galactica for their dress uniforms for the upcoming ceremony. On Galactica, Tigh is meeting secretly with Adama in the launch bay to hatch a plan to get ready in the event of a Cylon attack during the honor ceremony. He proposes substituting regular crewmen to pose as pilots as he gets most of their fighters down to Carillon. Tigh raids the officer quarters and steals as many uniforms as he can carry until he's startled by Starbuck and Boomer. He gives them heck saying it's a surprise inspection. Adama tells his son that he believes Sire Uri's ceremony is just a ploy to announce his disarmament treaty. However, he hides the real reason he's staying aboard the Galactica instead of attending the ceremony. On the shuttle down to Carillon, Apollo notices a man wearing a Blue Squadron uniform that he doesn't recognize. Athena tells him the guy probably hasn't been a warrior in years. In the casino, Starbuck and Boomer are greeted by Uri who deduces that most of their pilots are down on the planet. They join him on the dais. Apollo, Serena and Boxey with Muffet arrive at the casino. Muffet runs off and Boxey and several kids follow him. On the dais, Boomer notices several guys in warrior outfits that he doesn't recognize. The impostors notice the attention and move away. Starbuck goes after them and runs into Apollo. They find it suspicious and enter the elevator. Uri tells Boomer to find Starbuck and Apollo. In the mine, an Ovion is conversing with a Cylon centurion. He learns that most of the Galactica's warriors are at the party and tells the Ovion that the humans who survive will become their food. In the casino, Sire Uri begins the ceremony. Down in the hotel area, Starbuck and Apollo are unable to find the three impostors or anyone else. They decide to see what's below the lodging floors, supposedly forbidden for humans to enter and head for the bottom-most floor. They get out and start exploring. Up above, as Sire Uri drones on, Muffet, barking, enters a elevator and Boxey follows him. Apollo and Starbuck see an Ovian with two Cylons. Starbuck proposes that Apollo alert their people in the casino while he tries to find the correlation between the mine and the casino. As they debate the issue, another elevator door opens and Boxey runs out looking for Muffet. A Cylon is laser-ed before it can kill him. They laser another one and they continue running down the tunnels, igniting the tylium in various places before running into a hive chamber where they see cocooned humans being fed upon by Ovions including a screaming Cassiopeia. Muffet attacks the Ovions and Starbuck rescues her as more Cylons attack. More laser fire and the tylium is burning in several more places. On a Cylon base ship, Imperious Leader gives the signal to begin the attack. On the Galactica, scanner shows the attacking Cylons approaching. In the mine, Boomer finds Starbuck, Apollo and the others and a bunch of Cylons. They flee, igniting more tylium and manage to get to an elevator. At the ceremony, Uri is proposing his disarmament treaty when Apollo runs in, firing his laser. He tells everyone to exit but Uri countermands the order until Cylons enter the casino and he hurriedly backs down. The true warriors in the casino battle the Cylons as Galactica prepares to battle the incoming attack force. Armored vehicles propitiously appear at the casino and the warriors head to their ships on the surface. Apollo and Starbuck say their goodbyes to their girls and then jump into their vipers. The Cylons, thinking their attack is a complete surprise begin their kamikaze attacks on the Galactica. The vipers head from Carillon to come to the aid of the Galactica. They make quick work of the surprised Cylons and begin looking for the Cylon base Ship. Apollo and Starbuck violate orders and go after the base ship. Using radio traffic they make the Cylons think they are four squadrons instead of just two ships. Imperious Leader orders the ship to move closer to Carillon to hide it from their scanners. Starbuck gets a little carried away with their charade inventing Purple and Orange squadrons. The Galactica picks up their chatter and realizes what they're attempting to do. When Imperious Leader order all raiders to defend his ship, he learns they have been destroyed and that his surprise attack apparently wasn't that big of a surprise. He orders the ship lower despite warnings that the planet is on fire. When Starbuck and Apollo get within scanner range of the base ship, the Cylons realize they've been duped and prepare to retreat. The Galactica's sensors indicate that Carillon is becoming unstable. Apollo and Starbuck turbo out just as the base ship is caught by the planet's magnetic force. The planet explodes and the base ship is destroyed. Baltar is brought before the second incarnation of Imperious Leader. The new leader realizes Baltar's importance and offers to spare his life in exchange for his help in convincing the remaining humans that the Cylons wish to have peaceful relations with them. He gives Baltar a base ship under his own command and a trusted lieutenant, Lucifer.

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