Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 8

The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (1)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 22, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

As the Galactica launches a fighter probe, Adama can't help but feel that they are being herded in a specific direction by the Cylons. The fighter probe finds a small ice-covered moon which bears a more careful examination. On the moon, a Cylon outpost sees the vipers approaching and alerts its gun crews. A viper comes too close and is destroyed by a pulsar cannon. Two new pilots ignore orders to retreat and go closer. Boomer and Starbuck follow them down. The cannon fires again and another viper is destroyed. Cylon fighters force the other new pilot, Cadet Cree, to land his craft. Boomer and Starbuck have seen where the pulsar is located but must retreat back to Galactica. Starbuck and Boomer show Adama their scans from the moon and he deduces that the gun can only be knocked out by a ground force assault. He orders the computer to come up with a list of personnel best suited for the mission. Starbuck goes to the computer room and cons the tech into leaving for a short while so he can program his name into the mission list. Later, on the bridge, Tigh gives the computer-generated list to Adama who looks it over and then hands it to Starbuck. He tells them to round up the members even when Starbuck notices that most of them are on the prison barge. Back on the Galactica, Adama briefs the members of the team on their mission. On the planet, Cree is captured by the Cylons. On the Galactica, Apollo, in command of the mission, bids goodbye to Boxey who begs him to take him along since he's never seen snow but Apollo gives him a special mission on the Galactica, instead. On the shuttle, the crew are stowing gear when a fight breaks out between Wolf and another crewman. Thane stuns the crewman as Apollo breaks up the fight. Croft mentions that everyone on the mission is expendable but Apollo denies this vehemently. The shuttle launches to the planet with its viper escort. On the planet, the pulsar is engaged and prepares to fire. On the shuttle, incoming Cylon fighters are detected. The viper provides cover as the shuttle attempts to hide in the clouds. The viper is destroyed by the pulsar and the shuttle is hit by laser fire and crashes on the moon's surface. On the Galactica, they've lost the signals of both ships. On the planet the Cylons begin searching for the downed craft. On the shuttle, they assess their wounded and prepare to abandon the shuttle. Wolf steals a laser pistol. Apollo gets the snow ram out and discovers that Boxey and Muffet have stowed away on the ram. As a Cylon fighter attacks the grounded shuttle, Starbuck uses the ram's cannon to destroy it. On the Cylon base, they begin interrogating Cree to find out the location of the Galactica. Wolf and Thane try to convince Croft to abandon their mission and go off on their own but he refuses. The team members enter the ram and it sets off towards the plateau. After a fight between Wolf and a crewman atop the ram, Wolf fires his laser and shorts out the ram's power cells. The assault team is forced to build a shelter and wear breathers to wait out a di-ethylene storm that is blowing up. When Muffet realizes that the storm might kill them, he leaves the ram and runs away. A Cylon patrol finds the shuttle wreckage and realizes they are heading towards the plateau. On the ram, Starbucks wonders what is happening to Cree. On the base, Cree is still being interrogated and is unconscious. Muffet continues across the snow scape avoiding the Cylon patrols. The team is awakened by Muffet's barking. They are in some type of structure and are covered by blankets. Komma, the man watching them tells them that Muffet found their hunting party but he refuses to return their packs and weapons. Instead, he leaves to get them food and drink. Another identically-looking man enters from the opposite side of the room but he is very gruff. When Komma re-appears, Apollo realizes that they are clones but Tenna, one of several identical beautiful girls, says they prefer the term theta class lifeforms. Starbuck is in heaven. The Cylon search team apprises their leader of their efforts but they give up the search when they realize that no human could live on the plateau in that kind of weather. The humans present their case to the Thetas and learn that the pulsar was created by Dr. Ravishol, a human scientist, who also created the them. The Thetas believe the pulsar to be indestructible until they learn that the team is carrying solenite. Komma tells them he will take them to their village on the plateau. On the way up to the village, Wolf again tries to talk Croft into abandoning their mission. Starbuck asks Tenna if she has seen any other humans. She has not. They enter a ravine that is just outside the village when a Cylon patrol passes by them. They hunker down and are not spotted. On Baltar's ship, Lucifer reports that fighter craft have been spotted by their outpost on Arcta. Baltar orders additional base ships to follow the Galactica.