Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 9

The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 29, 1978 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: At the end of part 2 when all of the clones are gathering after the defeat of the Cylons it is extremely obvious that some of the Britt Ekland "clones" that are standing around are wearing masks.

    • The ' time pieces' Starbuck and Apollo are wearing bear a striking resemblance to Texas Instruments calculators of the time. One can even see the division and multiplication symbols on them.

    • Highlights of the episode are shown prior to opening narration. Clips from "Gun on Ice Planet Zero (1)" are shown after show credits are run.

  • Quotes

    • Lucifer: Baltar, I bring grave news.
      Baltar: It cannot be!
      Lucifer: I'm afraid it can. A handful of humans successfully destroyed the Ravishol pulsar.
      Baltar: Despite all your garrisons and squadrons and the biggest weapon in the universe?
      Lucifer: But the strategy was yours, Baltar. I recommend we come up with some sort of solid front to explain this debacle to our Imperious Leader.
      Baltar: Very well but I will have the last laugh on Adama. Mark my words!
      Lucifer : Don't I always, Baltar?

    • Lucifer: Good news. Some of our fighters may have enough fuel to rendezvous back. Well, at least 30 % of them.
      Baltar: Good. Have them go back and re-engage the Galactica.
      Lucifer: But, Baltar, they just disengaged!
      Baltar: I know. It will drive Adama crazy.
      Lucifer: He's not the only one...
      Baltar: You said something?
      Lucifer: By your command.

    • Baltar : Break off the attack!
      Lucifer : Baltar, I believe my sound sensor mishears you.
      Baltar : I said, break off the attack. It will force Adama to believe we are closer than we actually are.
      Lucifer : Very clever. A little hard on our troops but very clever. By your command.

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