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Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 24

The Hand of God

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 29, 1979 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Rather than continue fleeing from their enemies, the crew of the Galactica commence an all out attack on a Cylon Basestar aided by intelligence from an unlikely source.

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  • This series ended too soon...

    To me this episode of Battlestar Galactica ended too soon. As Apollo and Starbuck head to the celebration. The dome picked up a faint transmission from earth, in fact it was the Apollo moon landing. If they really wanted to continue the series, they should have followed Richard Hatch\'s book called \"Armageddon\". But they try to revised the series with that flop called \"Galactica 1980\" which I really hated with a passion. The original has a chemistry that was good, but the 1980 series didn\'t.moreless
  • Commander Adama decides that he is tired of running from the Cylons, and Apollo discovers what (to us) is a very familiar space transmission.

    This episode was clearly meant to be no more than one more step in the Galactica's search for Earth, but for various reasons, it is the last step we get to witness in the Battlestar Galactica series (excepting, of course, the notorious Galactica 1980 Series).

    Shifting gears from flight to fight, Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh bring the war back to Cylon shores, strategizing a direct (sneak) attack on a Cylon basestar. The old animations of Cylon fighters (retired for a few episodes, since "War of the Gods") return, and we see some new laser shows and a little more of the basestar interior. The battle has some suspense and is, if it isn't anything else, invigorating in its putting the Cylon forces on the defensive.

    Sheba's budding relationship with Apollo is given more range in this episode, even if it mostly makes explicit what has seemed implicit for episodes and episodes. Anne Lockhart does a nice job bringing emotion to some of the best scenes in the episode.

    But most attractive about this episode are the scattered and fuzzy clips of the first moon landing -- strange and foreign to the Galactica crew, but familiar to us, offering hope that the search for Earth is hardly futile, is maybe coming soon to a close... and is (possibly) a search for us! It makes for a great capstone to the series, even if the Galactica must continue its search beyond the frame of the season, and of the series itself.moreless
  • Great Ending

    I haven't seen the entire series, but this is a worthy end to it. I've only seen the first ten episodes, then jumped ahead. Finding a Cylon basestar the Galactica decides that it's done running and is going to attack it head-on. After watching how this series ends up, I'm going to have to go back and check out the episodes I missed, as well as those from Galactica 1980. Also, the ending is wonderful (rather expected, but still great).moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Only the second episode featuring a ship-to-ship battle between a Battlestar and a Cylon Basestar. The previous episode being "The Living Legend, part 2".

    • When talking about taking on the newly discovered Basestar, Sheba talks about how her father took on two - referring to events from "Living Legend" episodes.

    • Highlights from episode are shown prior to opening credits.

    • If the NASA transmissions Apollo picks up are happening live, then they are out of order. The image in scene 1 is of the LEM during its return from the lunar surface, yet we see the landing at the end of the episode. The transmissions were not supposed to be live. Gamma transmissions are still bouncing around our solar system from 30 years ago, the idea that they could go even further out and bounce for an indefinite period of time is an accepted theory in the scientific community

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (Apollo and Starbuck prepare to fly a Cylon raider)
      Apollo: You know how to fly this thing?
      Starbuck: No, I thought you did.

    • Baltar: (wishing good luck to Starbuck and Apollo before speaking to Adama) If they don't succeed, I die, too.

    • Boomer: (to Adams) No, sir, don't fire! It's them!
      Adama: How do you know?
      Boomer: They're waggling!
      Tigh: Waggling?

    • Jolly: Well, If the commander is buying, I'm drinking!
      Boomer: If anybody is buying, you're drinking, Jolly.

    • Adama: You'll be outnumbered two to one but you're used to that...
      Starbuck: (to Boomer) Better odds than we had at Caprica...
      Boomer: We lost at Caprica....

    • Adama: Tigh, do you realize that this is the first time since we fled the colonies that we have the advantage but even if we didn't have the advantage, I'm tired of running!
      Tigh: Adama, so am I.
      Adama: Then let's take her on!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Apollo landing: Apollo shows Starbuck, Cassiopeia & Sheba the celestial chamber. The transmission picked up by the machines in the chamber are from the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing.