Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 13

The Living Legend (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 03, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Baltar's fighter just barely eludes the Pegasus as its vipers come to the aid of the Galactica. Baltar orders a retreat. Cain contacts Adama who reports that the Galactica's fires are under control. He asks that his fighters use Pegasus as his landing bays are damaged. Adama calls a council of war aboard the Galactica.

Knowing that they're against three base ships and two squadrons on Gomorray, everyone is in agreement that an attack against Gomorray is necessary. Cain recommends that they send a ground attack force to destroy their anti-assault batteries and then send out a single battlestar to delay the three base ships, giving the ground teams enough time to get the necessary fuel they need. He still wants to capture the base but Adama insists that they don't have the resources to capture or hold the base. He asks Cain to meet him in his quarters. Adama is worried about a repetition of the tanker incident. Adama okays the mission but tells Cain that he doesn't want any surprises. Cassiopeia corners Cain but he refuses her offer to go with him. Sheba and BoJay join Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer in the officer's mess. They're all members of the strike force.

In the launch bay, Cassiopeia tells Starbuck that she thinks Cain isn't planning on coming back from his mission-- otherwise he would have taken her with him. Sheba agrees and tries to go back to the Pegasus but Apollo stops her. Sheba tells him that her accompanying them on the mission was her idea. Cassiopeia offers to take her place and then noticing that they don't have a med tech with them--volunteers. The support team launches. On Baltar's ship, Lucifer recommends that they request help from Gomorray where four squadrons are based. That would give Baltar the equivalent of four base ships. On the shuttle, the six assault team members parachute onto Gomorray. On Gomorray, the Cylons prepare to receive the Imperious Leader who is there to dedicate the new capital. On the ground, the assault team prepares a diversion to blow up the ammunition bunkers. Imperious Leader arrives at the base. BoJay is hit by laser fire. Starbuck and Boomer leave the group to knock out the assault batteries. The ammo dump explodes as Imperious Leader is giving a speech. Cassiopeia tends to BoJay while Apollo and Sheba go help the others. As Gomorray picks up the Galactica on its scanners, Starbuck and Boomer destroy the control center. The Galactica launches its fighters against Gomorray.

Pegasus notes the Galactica launching its fighters. On Gomorray, the vipers begin their attack against the capital. On Baltar's base ship, Lucifer reports that the Galactica and Pegasus are attacking Gomorray. He orders to launch a strike force against the unprotected fleet but changes his mind when he learns that Imperious Leader is on Gomorray. As the ammo dump continues to explode around her, the strike team returns to Cassiopeia and they head to the shuttles. Apollo notifies Galactica that the fuel depot is secure. On the shuttle back, Apollo is surprised to see that they are heading to the Pegasus instead of the Galactica due to BoJay's injuries. Pegasus is picking up the Cylon attack force on its scanners and he orders the ship to head for Baltar's base ship. Apollo gives Cain an update on the mission including the fact that both Sheba and Cassiopeia were involved. Apollo wonders if Cain's strategy is simply to accentuate his ego. He reminds Cain that his own daughter will be with them when they attack the base ships. Sheba visits BoJay in sickbay but Cain tries to get her to shuttle Sheba back to the fleet. She refuses. She acknowledges that she was wrong about Cassiopeia and they bid each other a tearful farewell. Pegasus launches its fighters along with Galactica's directly at the attacking force of Cylons. Cain orders the Pegasus to full speed.

Lucifer informs Baltar that a single battlestar has been sent out to intercept them. Baltar orders it destroyed before continuing on. The Cylons are amazed when Pegasus doesn't stop to engage the fighters which Baltar assumes is a decoy operation. He breaks off the attack and heads his fighters to Gomorray. Apollo and Starbuck head back to the Pegasus to help it out. Sheba's viper is hit by laser fire and Apollo escorts her back to the Pegasus. The Cylons are about to destroy the Pegasus when they receive the order to head for Gomorray to save their Imperious Leader. On Pegasus, Cain is visiting sickbay when Sheba is wheeled in on a stretcher. Apollo orders Cassiopeia to make preparations to evacuate the wounded to Galactica. Galactica notes that the Pegasus is heading directly towards the three base ships. Sure that Cain is following his own agenda--not theirs, Adama contacts Cain and then reluctantly gives Cain his blessing for his fool-hardy mission. On Baltar's base ship, Lucifer reports that the Pegasus is headed right for them. Baltar wonders who would do something so reckless. Lucifer suggests the legendary Commander Cain. Baltar realizes that Cain is after him and orders his fighters back to defend him. On Pegasus, Starbuck volunteers to stay behind but Cain refuses his offer.

In the launch bay, Sheba, on a stretcher, begs her father to let her stay but he bids goodbye to her and to Cassiopeia. Pegasus launches three medical shuttles and their fighter escort to the Galactica. Baltar tells Lucifer to drop back and let the other two base ships intercept Pegasus. Escorting the shuttles back to the Galactica, Starbuck suggests that he and Apollo aren't needed to escort the shuttles. As Pegasus closes on the two base ships, Apollo and Starbuck each take out the flank side missile launchers on both base ships. Cain orders the Pegasus to go right between the two ships and launches its missiles at point-blank range destroying both ships. In the explosion, Starbuck and Apollo lose sight of the Pegasus and decide they have to head back to the Galactica. Later, onboard the Galactica, Cassiopeia is ministering to Sheba in Sickbay when Adama, Starbuck and Apollo visit her. They report that they haven't heard from her father but they assume that he just headed off into space like he did the last time. Adama tells Sheba to consider herself part of their family.