Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 4

The Lost Planet of the Gods (1)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 24, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

On the Galactica, at a family dinner (with Starbuck), Apollo announces that he and Serina would like to get married. Athena sees her chance and approaches Starbuck but he uses several excuses to leave the gathering. As Starbuck and Apollo prepare to leave on patrol, Starbuck mentions that this will probably be the last patrol for both of them as bachelors. Fighter Patrol 2 (Boomer and Jolly) launch. Fighter Patrol 1 (Starbuck and Apollo) launch. On Imperious Leader's base ship, Baltar is given command of his own baseship with Lucifer, a series 1000 Cylon, as his first officer. On patrol, Starbuck and Apollo encounter a region of space that is devoid of light. Apollo investigates it further and finds the void contains no planets or stars. Starbuck tries to keep in contact with him via radio but eventually loses him. On the Galactica, the warriors prepare for Apollo's bachelor party. Security raids the party preps but Tigh bails them out and orders them to make hasty preparations for Starbuck and Apollo's expected return. Apollo and Starbuck are still lost in the void and from each other and the Galactica has detected that the patrol is out-of-range. Starbuck tries a risky maneuver and manages to find Apollo and then their way back to Galactica. On Patrol 2, Boomer and Jolly find a Cylon listening post on an asteroid. On Baltar's base ship, Lucifer reports that the Galactica has been located. Baltar orders him to follow the Galactica and report--not attack. Returning to the Galactica, Jolly appears to be sick but manages to land without incident. Adama is informed of the listening post. At the party, Boomer faints but recovers and then passes out. Jolly is already in sickbay with the same symptoms. Apparently both men skipped decontamination. Apollo and Starbuck land on the Galactica and enter decontamination. After decon, they head for the party but are intercepted before they arrive. The officers' quarters are put into quarantine. Apollo reports on the void they encountered but Adama looks thoughtful. In his quarter's, Apollo is surprised by Athena, who has been training to be a pilot to replace the pilots lost due to the disease. They argue but she convinces him. In sickbay, all of the critical contaminated party-goers have been placed in cryogenic suspension. Adama gives Apollo the task of training all female shuttle pilots to become fighter pilots. He agrees but faces a challenge when one of them is his wife-to-be. The Galactica continues to explore the void. Dr. Salik tells Adama that he must return to the asteroid if he is to find a cure for the disease. Adama reluctantly agrees. Apollo and Starbuck lead the reconstituted Blue Squadron pilots in support of the Dr. Salik's shuttle towards the asteroid. Lucifer reports to Baltar that Galactica is headed for the void. Baltar gives top priority to capturing one of their fighter pilots. Approaching the asteroid, Apollo heads down for a closer look. Bree notices a Cylon fighter approaching from the rear. Starbuck orders Deidra to take command of the squadron and he heads for the Cylon. Athena follows him as she is his wing man. The fighter is destroyed but not before he warns the outpost. The outpost launches fighters. Apollo destroys one and orders everyone else away. Deidra takes her three-ship squadron down to the asteroid to help Apollo. The ladies make quick work of the fighters. Apollo goes back and destroys the launch bay so that the doctor's shuttle can land safely. Adama is informed that the squadron was successful. He then orders the fleet into the void. Lucifer reports to Baltar that Galactica has destroyed their outpost on the asteroid but is still heading into void. Baltar repeats his order that a viper pilot must be captured.