Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 4

The Lost Planet of the Gods (1)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 24, 1978 on ABC

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  • Father, the Viper is the most advanced flying machine ever designed by man. You don't just turn one over to a shuttle pilot!

    With all the hype and chatter about the new show's current finale season, I thought it would be cool to not only review that shows early episodes, but go back to the original show as well. I'm now in a mindset that I can watch the two side by side, with out any bias toward one or the other. This is one of my favorite stories of the original series, and ultimately, the saddest. After the destruction of the colonies, Apollo proposes to Serina, and the two announce their engagement. Starbuck and Apollo head out on patrol and discover a seemingly endless void, devoid of stars and planets. Meanwhile, the second patrol of Boomer and Jolly pick up "crazy readings" off an asteroid. Upon landing, they discover that it houses a hidden Cylon outpost. When they land back on the Galactica, they skip decontamination to attend Apollo's bachelor party, and it's soon apparent that they are very ill. Worse, it soon spreads to anybody who was at the party, almost all warriors. While the doctor tries to isolate the bug, Adama announces that they only have one other choice route, through the void. Meanwhile, Baltar, on his new Basestar is tracking the Galactica. Upon hearing that warriors have landed on the outpost, he is puzzled that Adama is steering the Galactica toward a void, rather than engage the outpost. He wants a warrior captured when Galactica launches another patrol. Adama seems very interested in this void, because of an old scripture telling a story of a star guiding the lords of Kobol on their exodus from the dying world, across an endless black sea. Soon, all warriors except Starbuck and Apollo are down, and they have to train a group of female shuttle pilots for combat, including Serina. The doctor discovers that all of the pilots will die, unless he can get back to the asteroid where the disease was contracted. Adama will only send him with military escort..which means the shuttle pilots who have never even launched, let alone fought in, a Viper. Adama is adament, so led by the two star pilots, the green and shaky newbies launch on their mission. Through a miracle, and the strong leadership skills of Deidra, the eldest of the newbies, the pilots destroy the Cylon raiders and Apollo takes out the base itself. The asteroid is secured with no casualties. Adama orders the fleet into the void once the squadren returns, against objections. This is a great story to start the series off, following the two hour premier. I liked Serina as a character. I don't remember why Jane Seymore had to leave the series, but her departure was announced, just not how it would be handled in terms of story. I love how Starbuck gets jealous over the engagement, yet runs from Athena's advances. And let's get this out of the way. I think Maren Jensen was one of the most beautiful women that ever live, but she could not act to save her soul. I wanted to like Athena, but I couldn't because of this. I can understand why the writers ultimately pared Starbuck with Cassiopea. Richard Hatch was born to play this role. I always identified with Apollo, while for my brother, it was Starbuck. I will, in the course of these reviews, be pointing out flaws in the logic of stories, or complaints i have wich I feel could have been easily avoided. Most of these won't affect the score much, mainly because, i make these complaints in hindsight. This show was a product of the seventies, and subject to the standards and practices of television, which by now, have been obliterated or drasticly altered. I have one complaint with this story. I cannot accept the fact that amongst a squadren of ten or so newbies, everyone survived. This was one of the many shortcomings of the show. that it wasn't more realistic in dealing with the casualties of war. They never killed off a main or major supporting role, just minor pilots, who's names are never revealed. There was only one exception in the next chapter of this story.