Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 5

The Lost Planet of the Gods (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 01, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

As the fleet continues through the void, Adama orders all ships to maintain visual contact with the Galactica. Starbuck and Apollo visit Boomer in sickbay. Adama believes the void has been foretold in prophecy. In the officer's mess, Starbuck and Apollo are somewhat uncomfortable in the midst of the ladies discussing their recent skirmish with the Cylons. The ship detects a blip following the Galactica and Adama readies a patrol to investigate. Starbuck and Apollo get ready but Serena points out that she and Apollo are on duty. Starbuck backs to head back to the mess but ducks out and actually takes Apollo's viper. Apollo discovers his ruse and follows him in his viper. Serena, as Apollo's wing man follows Apollo. Starbuck realizes that the blip is beyond their scanning range and turbos ahead of the other two right into a Cylon ambush and he is surrounded. Starbuck is forced to land aboard Baltar's base ship. Lucifer chastises him for his arrogance. Baltar informs him of the recent changes in the Cylon empire. On the Galactica, Serena tries to take Apollo's mind off the loss of Starbuck by asking that they get married immediately. Adama officiates at their sealing ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, a star appears in the heavens indicating the end of the void. Adama believes the star to be the sun of the fabled planet of Kobol. And it is. Adama leads a team to explore the ruins of the planet. Lucifer tells Baltar that Galactica has encountered a star and is in orbit around a dead planet. Baltar knows a little about prophecy and tells Lucifer to prepare his craft. He will go to Kobol alone in an attempt to spring his trap. on Kobol, the team continues to explore the ruins of Eden, Kobol's largest city. Adama is hoping that the city holds a clue to where the 13th tribe went. Adama, Serena and Apollo find a crypt with an indentation that matches the medallion he wears. He places the medallion in the indent and a door opens into the crypt. They enter and the door closes behind them. As they traverse the tomb, they find a burial chamber. As they begin to explore it, Baltar appears and Adama attacks him. Apollo breaks it up. Baltar defends himself saying that he was as much as victim of the Cylons as they were. He discloses the Cylon plan to lure him to destruction waving an olive branch but he thinks that a single battlestar can bring the empire to its knees. He even offers to return Starbuck as a gesture of goodwill. Of course, Adama doesn't believe a word of it. He believes their salvation lies in finding the 13th tribe on Earth but Baltar scoffs at him declaring the whole thing as merely a fable. On Baltar's base ship, Lucifer has ideas of usurping Baltar's command and wondering why he wasn't chosen as Imperious Leader. Lofty ambitions, indeed! On Kobol, Starbuck returns to everyone's relief and his story seems to support Baltar's. Apollo returns to the tomb with Baltar to urge his father to leave the planet before Baltar's base ship arrives but Adama won't budge. Even Baltar chides him for his foolishness. Baltar still wants Adama to accompany him back to his base star so they can destroy it. At that moment, the room brightens. The star that led them here is pulsating and is shining through a hole in the tomb's ceiling. As Adama stands under the opening, the light from the star hits his medallion and hits two other points in the room forming a blue triangle. This causes a hidden door to be revealed on the tomb's floor. Before anyone can stop him, Baltar drops into the chamber below and pushes the lid off the sarcophagus inside it. Inside is a mummy with a jeweled mask and scepter. Adama decries his defiling of the tomb but Baltar doesn't believe in the myths and superstitions. A large explosion is heard overhead and the tomb is sealed trapping them inside. Adama and Apollo realize the Cylons are attacking the planet. The remaining team members get in their vipers and engage the Cylons. On board Galactica, the attack is noted and the recovering members of Blue Squadron launch from Galactica to help out. In the tomb, Adama tries to make sense of the etchings to get the information he needs to find Earth. Fortunately, another direct hit from a Cylon bomb destroys the door to the tomb and but alas, also the etchings. Baltar is trapped under debris. The vipers from the Galactica reach Kobol and begin assisting the other pilots. Apollo insists that they leave the planet immediately and they are forced to leave Baltar to his fate. Baltar swears he will get even with Lucifer. They finally make it out of the tomb only to find that their camp has been destroyed. Just then, Starbuck and Deitra appear to escort them back to Galactica. However, Cylons appear and Serena is hit by laser fire. Back on the Galactica, a mortally wounded Serena bids goodbye to Boxey, Adama and finally to her husband, Apollo. Apollo exits the room and takes Boxey with him to console him on his mother's death.