Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 6

The Lost Warrior

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 08, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Apollo, on a recon mission, is under attack by five Cylon fighters. He attempts to lead the fighters away from the Galactica and when they contact their base star with his bearing, he breaks away and escapes but runs out of fuel. Luckily, he finds a planet where he manages to crash land his viper. Apollo surveys his viper for damage before being surprised by a young boy, Puppis. He learns that he has crashed on the agrarian planet of Equellis. As he is talking to the boy, his mother, Vella, arrives and begs Apollo to hide his ship. Apollo asks her if she's afraid of the Cylons but she doesn't know what he's talking about, much to his relief. On Galactica, everyone tries to keep Boxey in the dark about his father's disappearance. At Vella's place, Apollo learns that the farmers are being squeezed by LaSerta and terrorized by his henchman, Red Eye, who sports a laser pistol like Apollo's. At LaSerta's behest, Red Eye rides up on a horse. Red Eye is a Cylon centurion. Red Eye asks Vella and Puppis if they have heard any strange noises (the crash of Apollo's viper). They tell him no and Puppis defiantly kicks Red Eye's metal legs. Just then, Bootes, Vella's brother, walks up to defuse the situation. Red Eye gets back on his horse and warns them they are behind in tribute. Vella brings Bootes inside to meet Apollo who he immediately recognizes as a Colonial warrior but he wonders why Apollo didn't kill Red Eye. Vella tells Puppis that his father was a Colonial warrior too. Bootes had found her future husband, Martin, wandering in the desert after a battle in space nine years earlier. When LaSerta showed up with Red Eye, Martin went crazy and in the ensuing confrontation was killed by Red Eye, who took his laser pistol. Apollo plans to go into town in civilian clothes and unarmed to find out more about Red Eye. Bootes is enraged that Apollo won't fight Red Eye to avenge his brother-in-law's death. On the Galactica, Boxey is playing pyramid with Starbuck and some of his chums and beating their pants when Cassiopeia arrives to take him back to his quarters. Starbuck and Boomer decide to mount a rescue mission, with or without approval, to find Apollo. On Equellis, LaSerta is playing a crooked game of cards in a saloon with one of his cronies when Apollo enters in farmer's clothes. Red Eye is sitting on a chair at the end of the room. LaSerta tells his crony to goad Apollo into a fight to see what he's made of. To escape his taunts, Apollo goes over to Red Eye and attempts to strike up a conversation. Red Eye recognizes his deception and challenges him to a gun battle but LaSerta tells Red Eye to sit. He obeys. LaSerta asks Apollo to join him and tells him that he owes him. Apollo asks him about Red Eye and then asks for a job. LaSerta tells him to come back tomorrow. Back at the ranch, Puppis is in the woods looking for a lupus that attacked their stock. Vella asks Apollo to find him. The lupus attacks Puppis. He fires his pneumo at the lupus but misses. He quickly reloads, takes aim and manages to kill it just as Apollo arrives. Apollo gives Puppis some fatherly advice before returning him to his very relieved mother. On the Galactica, Tigh reports that there is still no sign of Cylon pursuit and urges that Adama consider a rescue mission or at least a patrol. He takes the latter choice and a patrol is immediately launched. Apollo is recounting his night with Puppis when he mentions Boxey. A rider approaches and tells her that her brother has gone into town after Red Eye. In town, a belligerent Bootes is making noises in the saloon and telling LaSerta that he's done making tribute. LaSerta sics Red Eye on him and Red Eye kills him just as Apollo arrives. Puppis fires his pneumo at Red Eye but Apollo defuses the situation. Starbuck and Boomer take measures to lengthen their patrol time to give them the best chance to find Apollo. As Vella makes preparations to leave town with Bootes body, a saloon girl tells Apollo that LaSerta's goon, Marcus is out to kill him. Marcus used to be LaSerta's right hand man before Red Eye arrived. She tells him how Red Eye came to be on the planet. It's enough to convince Apollo that Red Eye doesn't realize he is a Cylon and thus he can be taken care of. Apollo goes to his horse and gets his laser pistol and straps it on. Coming out of the saloon, LaSerta (with Marcus) calls to Apollo and tells him that Marcus wants to see him. He tells anyone to get Apollo a pneumo so "he can bury his smell." Apollo steps away from his horse and when Marcus sees his laser pistol, he slinks away. LaSerta sics Red Eye on Apollo. Puppis notices Apollo and jumps down from the wagon as his mother looks on in horror. Red Eye walks out and begins to stare down Apollo in a classic western gunfight scenario. However, when he notices the laser on Apollo's hip, he intones "Uh-Oh!" After a moment, he draws and Apollo destroys him with a single blast. LaSerta slinks away. Back on Vella's farm, Apollo gives Puppis more fatherly advice. Vella tells Apollo she knows where her husband's ship crashed and that it might have some fuel. Starbuck and Boomer are all out of excuses to stick around and they begin heading back to the Galactica. Suddenly, Apollo's static-y voice is heard on the radio and they get his location and give him a heading to rendezvous with them. On Equellis, Vella and Puppis are looking up at the sky. Puppis is convinced that Apollo will return one day.

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