Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 10

The Magnificent Warriors

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 12, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Blue Squadron attempts to intercept a Cylon attack force before it can reach the fleet but six ships manage to get through. The Cylons target the fleet's agro ships and manage to destroy two agro ships and severely damage the third one.

Tigh surveys the damage on the third agro ship. The botanist tells him that they need new seed. Adama proposes they find an unmarked energizer to trade for seed at one of the agro planets they recently passed. Apollo finds an energizer that fits the bill but the owner, Siress Belloby, insists that Adama personally negotiate with her for the energizer. He does and she agrees to part with it only if Adama courts her. Adama orders a shuttle for himself, Apollo, Boomer, Starbuck and Belloby to the nearby planet Sectar to get the grain they need. Apollo says goodbye to Boxey but when he asks to go with him, Apollo agrees.

On Sectar in the town of Serenity, the local bar is teeming when one of the patrons steps out and notices that the rising moon is full. He alerts the others who turn off the lights, shutter the windows and doors and run for cover. The Borays are entering town bent on pillaging. It's up to the constable to stop them and is unequipped for the task and is killed as the Borays sweep out of town. Sire Bogan takes the constable's badge and tries to find, without success, to get someone else to take it. Adama's expedition is scouting Serenity and Starbuck is itching to get to town to see some ladies. Belloby is coming on to Adama so he asks Apollo to stay with him and let Starbuck and Boomer check out the town to see if they can find someone with grain to sell. Starbuck and Boomer arrive at the saloon and meet Bogan but he's not interested in the energizer--he's looking for someone to serve as constable--but he doesn't tell them that.

On their way back to the camp, they are attacked and the energizer and its transport are stolen. Boomer heads back to camp to tell Adama but Starbuck heads back to town, knowing that Bogan is responsible for the theft of the energizer. In town, Bogan is paying off his henchman, Dipper, for stealing the energizer when Starbuck walks in and tells Bogan that someone from town just robbed him. When he's informed that the local constable has "moved on" Starbuck takes a different tack and tries to buy the grain. Of course, he doesn't have enough money so he decides to see if he can grow his money via a few games of pyramid. At the camp, Boomer returns with the bad news and Belloby is furious. Adama decides to go into town. He has Jolly guard the shuttle and take care of Boxey. Starbuck is winning at the saloon and notices that all three of the other players have the same amount of money to lose. He challenges Bogan to play one-on-one. In the hills, the Borays are stirring. Starbuck has tapped out Bogan so he proffers the constable's gold badge to hedge his bet. Dipper tells one of his cronies that Bogan is going to let him win so that he takes possession of the badge and all of the responsibilities of it. On the outskirts of town, Belloby tells Adama that she will tell him where the energizer is if he kisses her. He takes one for the team and she points out the sled and energizer. He kisses her again. In the saloon, Starbuck wins the hand and the badge. Bogan congratulates Constable Starbuck. When Adama, with Belloby, Apollo and Boomer enters the saloon, he asks Bogan who represents law and order in this town and Bogan points out a very sheepish Starbuck.

Starbuck is set up in the constable's office. Bogan tells him that the constable position is held for life and later tells them that the Borays make regular forays into town and the constable's job is to keep them at bay. Adama tells Belloby to go hide in the jail. The Borays ride into town and Adama tries to scare them away with coordinated laser fire but they are unperturbed. At the jail, Belloby grabs a rifle and walks out to help only to be swept up by the Borays leader, Nogow, as they are leaving town. Bogan recognizes them as Colonial warriors and begs their forgiveness. He provides them with what little intelligence they have and they set off in search of the Borays and Belloby.

They use Muffet to track Belloby's scent as they near the Boray encampment. Apollo is convinced that if they can convince Nogow they can come to an equitable solution. Adama goes to talk to Nogow but he comes back frustrated. Starbuck has an idea and after discussing it with Adama goes to talk to Nogow, himself. Starbuck returns with Belloby. Back at the town, Bogan is sealing a deal with Adama for the grain but is worried that their problem with the Boray will continue. Adama asks if Starbuck as returned and just then he walks in. He tells Bogan that the Borays won't bother him again. They've gone back to raising their own food so they won't be raiding the town's grain. When Bogan asks him how he accomplished this feat, Starbuck tells he has made a deal with Nogow. Nogow is the new town constable and he waddles into the saloon. Belloby gives Starbuck a long congratulatory kiss and then tells Adama that she needs to find someone different--a real animal.

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