Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 17

The Man with Nine Lives

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 28, 1979 on ABC



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    • Starbuck: (to Chameleon) Now, about that betting system, are you sure that flaw can't be worked out ?
      Chameleon: Positive, unless you cheat...
      (Adama raises hand to his forehead in exasperation)

    • Starbuck: (to Chameleon) No one but my father would be crazy enough to fire lasers in a launch tube!

    • Cassiopeia: I'm going to extract a neural cell.
      Starbuck: A brain cell? From my head? And it isn't dangerous ?
      Cassiopeia: Only if there's nothing there to extract.... heh

    • Starbuck: (to Chameleon) I'm Starbuck and this is my conscience, Apollo.

    • Maga: (to Taba) You are a warrior of the code. A Noman, whose very name strikes like a scorpius at the heart of others for we alone survived in the land of the Magus sun and the endless sands and we alone shall survive this trek through the stars if we keep the code.

  • Notes

    • This episode makes two prescient uses of technology, one that is surprisingly correct and one that is not. First, early scenes on a transport (which closely resembles a modern aircraft) show passengers with television-like screens embedded in the seats in front of them. This is many years before such screens would actually exist on airplanes. And second but less accurately, the episode revolves around a "paternity test" technobabble which they explain requires the extraction and comparison of brain cells. (Of course, DNA had been discovered in the 1950s and it is unclear why the writers would have invented new technobabble for it.)

    • Supposedly, Fred Astaire sought his role on Battlestar Galactica because one of his grandsons liked the show and asked him if he could be on it.

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