Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 11

The Young Lords

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 19, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Starbuck and Boomer are on a recon patrol when they run into a pack of Cylon fighters. Starbuck is hit and his viper so badly damaged that he can't make it back to Galactica. Boomer finds him a planet (Attila) to land on and then heads back to the Galactica. Unfortunately, Attila has a Cylon garrison and they detect Starbuck's crash. As a Cylon patrol approaches his downed viper, Starbuck limps away and attempts to hide in the nearby swamp but is captured. Spectre, the Attila garrison's IL series leader, contacts Baltar with news about the capture of a colonial warrior. A boy on a white unicorn observes Starbuck being roughly carried by the Cylon patrol.

A horn sounds and one-by-one the entire Cylon patrol is killed by laser fire. A delirious Starbuck sees several children leading or riding white unicorns. Their slightly older leader welcomes Starbuck to the planet. On Galactica, Adama is roused from sleep by Tigh, Boomer and Apollo with news about Starbuck's crash. He okays sending a shuttle back to Attila to get Starbuck. On Attila, Starbuck's wounds are tended to by Miri and her older brother Kyle. They, along with their three younger siblings have been fighting the Cylons since their mother and father were killed. On the Galactica, as Adama's nurse, Cassiopeia, snoozes, Boxey (and Muffet) sneak in to see their grandfather. On Attila, Spectre is being informed of the patrol's eradication and the colonial warrior's escape when an explosion is heard. Miri and Kyle are riding away from the garrison. Spectre visits his dungeon and its sole occupant: Kyle and Miri's father. Megan. Apparently during the explosion, Kyle left Spectre a note offering to trade Starbuck for their father. Spectre offers to let him go if he promises to take the kids and quit attacking the Cylons. He agrees and Spectre sounds some bells indicating to the kids that he agrees to the swap.

Kyle sounds his horn. Starbuck questions his actions and he thinks Kyle's position of leader is threatened by Starbuck. Kyle lets it slip that their father is alive and Starbuck realizes they are planning to trade him for their father. Kyle orders Miri to bind Starbuck. On the base ship, Lucifer portrays Spectre as a conniving leader who is stockpiling weapons when Spectre's reports in. He claims that Starbuck has been captured but is too badly injured to talk and proceeds to praise Baltar's leadership--much to the distress of Lucifer. As the kids ready a raft, Starbuck tries to convince Miri and in turn Kyle of the fallacy of their plan. On the opposite bank, Kyle is hailed by Megan. Kyle sounds his horn. Spectre puts a dummy into their boat and sends it across. The kids send their boat across. When the Cylon's boat reaches the opposite shore, the kids realize they've been duped--just as Starbuck predicted. When their boat reaches the Cylon's, Spectre is outraged to find that it, too, contains a dummy and Megan shouts, "Well done, my children! Well, done!" Spectre orders his troops to open fire but the kids and a shirtless Starbuck have moved away. Kyle relinquishes his command to Starbuck but Starbuck agrees only if Kyle remains his lieutenant. Their next mission: to rescue Kyle's father. On the shuttle, Apollo and Boomer approach Attila. Starbuck and Kyle scout the Cylon garrison including the petro dump outside the garrison.

At the camp, Starbuck uses song to help the kids remember their battle plans. Starbuck and Miri use a secret passage to get to the castle. The two younger brothers (Robus and Nilz) swim the moat to plant their bombs around the petrol dump. The youngest daughter, Ariadne, prepares to use a slingshot to launch grenades at the castle bridge. Spectre delivers another grim report to Baltar and continues to extol Baltar's virtues to the consternation of Lucifer who asks Baltar, "You actually believe that daggit dribble?" A horn sounds and explosions are heard. A centurion informs Spectre that the petrol dump is exploding. Ariadne launches grenades at the Cylon phalanx on the castle bridge. Starbuck and Miri enter the castle and head for the dungeon.

At the dungeon, Starbuck blasts open Megan's cell door, freeing him. On the shuttle Apollo and Boomer are picking up the explosions on the planet's surface and they decide to land nearby. Spectre is informed that the garrison has been compromised. Baltar contacts Spectre for a report and explosions can be heard but Spectre says they're simply destroying the last of the human habitats. He cites the planet's bad environment and recommends that the planet be abandoned. Baltar agrees. Spectre orders an evacuation of the planet. Kyle reports to Starbuck that the tin cans are leaving and Megan is reunited with all of his children. Apollo and Boomer approach the garrison and are greeted by Starbuck. They ask him what happened and he tells them that his warriors just wiped out a Cylon garrison. When Apollo notes that they are children, Starbuck disagrees.

Starbuck says his goodbyes to Megan and the children. He tries to convince Megan to come back with them but Megan says they've fought too long to give up their homes now. He gives Kyle one of his lapel buttons telling him that he earned it. He tells Miri that she could have broken half the hearts on the Galactica, including his. Boomer and Apollo marvel at Starbuck's ability to get the girl as they leave for the Galactica.

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