Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 15

War of the Gods (1)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 14, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

BoJay is leading Silver Spar squadron including Jolly on patrol when they encounter some fast moving lights that don't appear on their scanners. Just as they are about to turn around and head for the Galactica, a large, very bright ship appears behind them. As it closes on the four vipers, they lose power and intense sound waves cause the pilots to lose consciousness. On the Galactica, Starbuck and Apollo manage to beat Boomer and his teammate again in a game of triad. As Sheba and Athena congratulate the three of them, Tigh interrupts to tell them to join him and Adama in the war room. At the briefing, Adama tells them that four vipers have disappeared while on patrol. Sheba, citing her close ties with BoJay, gets Adama to let her go with Starbuck and Apollo to investigate the disappearance. Tigh believes that the seismic readings they're seeing could be the explosion of a large ship. As Apollo's team approaches the planet in the vicinity, they detect no lifeforms. They head down for a closer look and see the remains of a large ship that crashed on the planet.

Landing on the planet, they notice the red tint of the atmosphere and prepare to investigate the crash site. At the bottom of a massive crater, they spot the remains of large ship. As they prepare to descend into the crater, a man in white robes, Count Iblis, cautions them against it, citing radiation levels. The man confirms that the remains are of a ship that was destroyed by "the great powers." When asked if he means the Cylons, he says no but he doesn't offer any further explanation. When Apollo is amazed that his scanner doesn't show any trace of the man, Iblis says that radiation is interfering with the scanner. Apollo and Starbuck are suspicious of the man and when asked how he survived the crash of his ship, he doesn't know. He asks to be taken back to their ship and offers to help them on their quest citing his infinite knowledge of the universe. Apollo tells Starbuck to head back to the ship and request a shuttle. While standing on the planet, the mysterious fast-moving lights appear which cause Apollo and Sheba audio distress but the Count is unfazed. He indicates that "they" are looking for me. On Galactica, Sheba introduces Count Iblis to Tigh and then escorts him to the life station for medical testing. Apollo and Starbuck brief Adama on their visit to the planet and their meeting with Count Iblis but Apollo is still very suspicious. As Sheba and Iblis approach the life station, Iblis refuses treatment stating that the instruments might be harmful to him. He uses mind control on her to get her to show him more of the ship. As they enter the communication center, all of the scanners go haywire and return to normal when he leaves. Tigh reports that Iblis has just left the bridge. In the corridor, Iblis requests Sheba show him to Adama's quarters. As they enter his quarters, Adama is chewing out Apollo and Starbuck for giving Iblis full run of the ship.

Apollo asks Sheba why she gave the Count a full tour of the ship but she bristles at his inferences. In Adama's quarters, Iblis continues his vague explanation of how he came to be on the planet. When Adama asks him about his enemies, he tells him that there are more dangerous enemies than the Cylons. He reveals things about Adama and the Galactica's mission that he shouldn't know. He tells Adama that "your people will be safe under my leadership." He's come to prepare their way to Earth. Adama notes in his log that the fleet has become aware of the Count and his promises. Apollo talks to Dr. Salik and Cassiopeia about their attempts to get readings of the Count but they have been unsuccessful. On the greenhouse ship, Iblis and Sheba are visiting the gardens when the Count probes her mind. He tells her that she will see her father again. He kisses her. On the bridge, the mysterious lights suddenly appear around the fleet but they are moving too fast for them to get any readings on their scanners. Apollo, Starbuck and Dr. Welker are discussing the possibility that Iblis is an android when the battle stations alarm is sounded. Iblis tells Sheba that the lights cannot hurt her as long as she is with him.

Galactica launches Red squadron to investigate the mysterious lights but they quickly disappear. They turbo after them but there is no sign of them. Suddenly, the mysterious large silver ship appears behind them and the ships disappear from the Galactica's scanners. Adama orders Blue Squadron back to the ship. In his quarters, Adama asks Apollo why they didn't mention the lights before. Starbuck believes it's time to confront Iblis. Adama agrees and tells Apollo to have Iblis brought to him at once. Sheba and Iblis are exploring the triad game room. Iblis tells Sheba that where he comes from they play games of both life and death. When Apollo intrudes and tells Iblis that Adama wants to see him, Iblis warns him that if he threatens him again he will forfeit his life. In the council chambers, Iblis tells Adama that he is a superior life form. He tells Adama to prepare for him three tests and then demonstrates that he has telekinesis by moving an object on the conference table with his mind. He demonstrates that he can read minds. He tells them he can't bring the pilots back but warns them that the lights will return again and again until the fleet is under his protection. The mysterious lights appear around Baltar's base ship but Baltar thinks that Galactica is responsible. Sheba and Iblis visit the bowels of the freighter Gemini but he is greeted with sarcasm. He promises the people there food if they follow him. When Apollo questions this, he tells him to go to the Agro ship.

On the Agro ship, Apollo is told that the trees have begun to bear fruit almost overnight. The caretaker calls it a miracle. On the Galactica, Adama notes in his log that Iblis' popularity in the fleet continues to grow. Apollo still distrusts Iblis and consults his father. Adama suggests that he may be first contact with their ancient forefathers or a being of extreme power. Adama decides to give Iblis his three tests of strength. At the Council meeting, Iblis lays out the three tests before they can be voiced. The first one is to deliver you enemy; the second to plot your course to Earth and he acknowledges that the Council can't agree on the third. He offers to grant the first wish before they have decided on their third and promises that he will deliver their enemy to them before the end of the night. On board the Galactica, Adama announces that Baltar has contacted him requesting permission to come aboard Galactica under a flag of truce. He orders Blue squadron to intercept his ship and escort him back to Galactica. Once he arrives onboard, Baltar is brought before the Council of the Twelve.