Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 16

War of the Gods (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 21, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the Council of Twelve meeting, Baltar is found guilty of treason and sentenced to life aboard the prison barge. Baltar is outraged and warns the council that a greater power threatens both of their peoples. Iblis gets permission to address the council and Baltar's says his voice is familiar. Iblis uses mind control to force Baltar to his knees before Adama orders him removed. Iblis reminds the council that two more tests remain unfulfilled. The head of the council recommends that Iblis be named as president of the council. Adama, however suggests that too many questions remain unanswered and requests that they wait 24 hours. Iblis visits Baltar's cell and Baltar tells him that he has the same voice as that of the Cylon's Imperious Leader. Iblis walks through the force field into Baltar's cell to whisper words of encouragement and then disappears. Athena visits her father to try to talk him into attending the triad match that evening. She tells him that Apollo and Starbuck are boycotting the games.

Boxey with Muffy visits his dad in the Officers' Mess and wonders if he is afraid to play triad because of Iblis' prediction that Boomer's team will win and that if they win, it will strengthen the growing pro-Iblis sentiment. Adama, stopping by the mess overhears the exchange between father and son and when Boxey leaves, he urges Apollo to go ahead and play the match. Iblis is present with Sheba at the start of the match but Iblis tells Boomer he can win if he lets Iblis into his head. The match is a lopsided victory for Boomer and his teammate. At the after-game party on the Rising Star, Apollo blows a chance at reconciliation with Sheba while Starbuck and Iblis form the basis for a mutual admiration society. The mysterious lights have returned to buzz the fleet and Adama notices that the bridge is undermanned and Tigh says no pilots have responded to the red alert. Apollo enters the Officers' mess to see everyone in the bunks even though there is an alert in progress. He wakes up Starbuck and Boomer but they are really groggy. Iblis enters the mess and begins berating the officers for their failure to respond to the alert. Apollo launches himself at Iblis but Adama pulls him off. He tells Adama that he just saved his son's life and that he might have to make broader changes when he assumes the presidency of the council, suggesting the Adama's job may be in jeopardy as well. As Iblis leaves the mess, Adama confronts Iblis and again asks him what the lights are and who is. Iblis stops just short of calling himself a god. Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer launch. Boomer goes after one of the lights and disappears after the mysterious light ship appears behind him. Apollo and Starbuck head back to the Galactica.

Starbuck and Apollo differ with Tigh on the motives of the mysterious lights but everyone is in agreement that it all started with the appearance of Iblis. On the agro ship, Dr. Welker believes the growth in their plants coincide with the appearance of the mysterious lights rather than any influence of Count Iblis'. Back on the Galactica, Apollo visits his father's quarters only to see him moving an object across his desk with his mind. Seems techniques like this were used at their military institute. He tells Apollo that the lifespan of their kind is now about 200 years. He believes that the lights might be advanced, long-lived beings that could be considered as angels and that Iblis may be one of them or perhaps was one of them at one time. Adama tells Apollo to go to the planet where they found Iblis and investigate the ship they found. Starbuck finagles his way into going with him and they take a shuttle. Adama, fearing the Iblis will find out by reading his mind, leaves Tigh in the dark on the mission.

On the agro ship, Sheba and Iblis are taking in the view when Iblis suddenly mutters, "Adama, what are you up to?!" He stalks off and suddenly appears on the bridge of the Galactica demanding to know about the shuttle then storming off to Adama's quarters to confront him. Adama tells him that he doesn't believe in him. Iblis tells him that his treachery will cost him someone whom he values more than himself and storms off. Sheba approaches the planet in her viper. On the planet, Apollo and Starbuck prepare to descend into the crater to inspect the ship. On the bridge they realize that Count Iblis has disappeared and Adama believes that he is on the planet. Apollo and Starbuck discover that high radiation readings were a ruse. They enter the ship and discover something alarming. At that moment, Sheba appears and Apollo tries to keep her from entering the ship but Starbuck thinks it might be better if she knows so Apollo lets her go. Suddenly, Iblis appears at the rim of the crater and amid lightning bolts tells them, "No! I forbid it!"

Iblis approaches them and tells Sheba to come to him. He tells Apollo that she is his. As she moves towards him, Apollo grabs her and tries to make her listen to reason. Iblis commands him to let her go but he tells him that he does not have any power over him. He tells Sheba that Iblis is the devil. Apollo fires his laser at Iblis but the blast passes right through his body as his eyes glow red. Iblis sends a blast to kill Sheba but it strikes Apollo instead, killing him. Sheba refuses to follow Iblis as she grieves for Apollo. Suddenly the mysterious lights appear and Iblis tells them that they will see him again. Then he disappears before their very eyes. On the shuttle back to the Galactica with Apollo's body, Starbuck says "I would gladly trade my life to have him back." Suddenly, the mysterious lights appear, disappear and then appear behind them in advance of the mysterious ship. The shuttle loses power and they lose consciousness. On the mysterious ship, Starbuck, in an all-white uniform is surrounded by beings that communicate via telepathy. He is told that they are in another dimension. Sheba appears, also dressed in white. She thinks they're dead. Starbuck asks the beings if they are angels and he is told that some of what they think is correct.

Starbuck and Sheba are led to a large room where Apollo lies on a bier. Their shuttle can be seen in the background. The lead angel tells them that Apollo was not meant to die--it was Sheba that Iblis intended to kill. He asks her if she would trade her life for Apollo's and she tells him yes. The angel reminds Starbuck of the wish he made aboard the shuttle. Apollo revives and Sheba runs to greet him. The angel tells Starbuck that they want nothing from them. He also tells him that they fight a common foe, that humans are like they once were and that humans may become as they are now. He offers to give them a beginning to find Earth. He tells them that they and the other pilots will be returned to the Galactica. Later, on the Galactica, Adama and his extended family celebrate the return of the pilots and the end of Count Iblis. Sheba and Starbuck have no recollection of the events after they left the planet; Apollo remembers nothing after challenging Iblis. Adama realizes that Sheba, Apollo and Starbuck were caught in the war between good and evil. Apollo recites the distance to Earth, Starbuck the vector to find Earth and Sheba describes the solar system where they will find Earth.