Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 16

War of the Gods (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 21, 1979 on ABC

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  • Count Iblis continues to gain influence over the Galactica fleet, but Commander Adama and Captain Apollo have their doubts as to his true nature. The nature of this stranger, and the strange lights connected to several pilots' disappearance, is revealed.

    This episode finishes the work set out by the episode before -- consider it a "revelation" episode where all the mysteries set in part one are explained (except, frustratingly, what exactly was in Count Iblis' crashed ship).

    Ultimately, a lot of the momentum of this episode seemed truncated -- the possibility of mutiny and the threat of Count Iblis' charisma are both resolved a bit cleanly by Count Iblis abrupt disappearance; the Cylons chasing the Galactica are forgotten. While the death of Apollo was well-executed and dramatic, the resurrection scene is a bit long, especially if it is ultimately forgotten by Sheba, Starbuck, and Apollo. (As in most art forms, sometimes less is more; revealing the transcendent is almost always disappointing.)

    But what really makes this episode for me is that this episode most clearly shows Glen Larson's Mormon upbringing -- Count Iblis as renegade "angel," the white lights and white temple housing angels who let their fallen brother exercise his free will, and an intrepid belief in the continual progress of the human race -- all of these features are very telling, if ultimately the episode turns a bit didactic and heavy-handed. Mormonism remains one of the more fascinating, if obscure, modern religions, and its influence on art is as compelling as any other religion's.