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Actor Recycling Gone Overboard

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    [1]Aug 16, 2011
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    Reviewing the recent list of cast members I was surprised and somewhat disappointing to see just how many previous actors from Battlestar Galactica and Caprica have been reshuffled into the line-up for Blood and Chrome. Some of them are admittedly small parts no one will likely remember, but others were central to the respective stories. One or two actors being re-used might have been expected ... but why so many? Did they think we wouldn't notice? Of the 15 actors listed for the pilot, 10 of them have previously played roles for BSG or Caprica.

    The present line-up includes:

    Mike Dupold (Crewman Specialist Gage from BSG ... also a well-known name in the Stargate franchise having played several different roles)

    Ben Cotton (Atreus from Caprica)

    Brian Markinson (Jordan Durham on Caprica)

    Carmen Moore (Fidelia Fazekas on Caprica)

    John Pyper-Ferguson (Thomas Vergis, a major character on Caprica)

    Zak Santiago (Pann from Caprica)

    Adrian Holmes (Specialist Parr from BSG)

    Leo Li Chiang (not that controversial since he was an uncredited character on five episodes of BSG)

    Allison Warnyca (Jaycie McGavin from Battlestar's Razor)


    And yet they didn't pick up Nico COrtez, who played Adama in Razor?

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    [2]Oct 24, 2011
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    I know what you mean. I too was hoping Nico Cortez would be picked up for the role of Adama, but I'm still looking forward to watching this, provided they make it into a TV series and not a "few-minutes-an-episode" web series.
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