Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2005 on Syfy

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  • "This is the first time I truly, truly felt bad for the crew..."

    So the story has begun. We open to find that the Cylons find where the battlestar is every 33 minutes, which is a pretty cool concept. This is the first time I truly, truly felt bad for the crew whenever they showed how sleep deprived they were.

    I thought the episode was a little boring for the first 20 or so minutes until they said that that one ship was missing. One of my favorite parts of the episode was when Starbuck refused to take her pills and then told Apollo HOW to get a crew member to agree with his wishes (by smacking her on the mouth) and they both just started laughing. It was a light moment in an all around dark, dark episode (I LOVE DARK T.V.). So I've decided that Boomer does NOT know she is Cylon. When Starbuck says "it's because she's a Cylon" i thought we would get some reaction from her face. So she's a sleeper. I've decided. Now to the part that is truly awesome. When they shoot a civilian ship. I really, really wished they showed people inside of it, but that is just my sick twisted mind there (and I also read they original planned for that and if you look closely there is some movement on the ship). The ending was hopeful and it was eh. :P No, just kidding I really enjoyed it. The President's acting is amazing.

    The stuff with Helo on Caprica seemed a little out of place, but I guess they had to get that storyline going somewhere and I am excited to see where that goes with Boomer and everything. 8.5/10.