Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 15

A Day in the Life

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on Syfy

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  • A Tale of two marriages

    Once upon a time Bill Adama was a married man, as distant father as he was as a husband soon his marriage was over and so his sons grew apart. However one single day a year he “brings back” the wife he once left to recreate their life together as anniversary gift. As twisted as this may seem it’s noting compared to the married life chief Tyrol must face ever since he brought his family back from New Caprica; sharing the bathroom with hundreds of other colonial soldiers and his wife with another being, Chief finally takes an extra shift on their day off just so he and Cally could spend some time alone just like they used to before their son was born.

    It is strange to picture Galen Tyrol as a man in love with Cally; he’s mainly the chief, a family man who happened to had a baby and Cally just the convenient choice for the mother of his children. We never saw him woo her, he certainly never pined over her and the most romantic gesture he ever pulled was to jump in front of cylon/human crossfire to save her life before Adama’s troops would attack New Capriva so I would’ve never pictured him as the kind of man who would miss some alone time with his wife even if it’s to bicker why they couldn’t afford a day off and yet, apparently, Galen does miss the undivided attention he used to get from her back when they were simly two especialist working working together. Problem is: Something goes wrong in the room they are working on.

    And so the episode displays the tale of these two marriages; the idealized one Adama has in his mind and the very real one that’s about to end as soon as the room Cally and the chief are breaks apart throwing them both out of space. In Adama’s one the problems fade away even if Lee is the one who screams them out loud. In the Chief’s one the problems are confronted together even if it means to deal with what kind of family they’d wish should raise their son after they die. Both marriages are imperfect and yet while Adama chooses to ignore it because he needs to refuge in the lie Galen and Cally rather face how imperfects their lives are only so at the end of the day they could face that fact once more because, unlike Adama did, they won’t walk away from each other no matter how hard things would get which is the single cause of remorse that prevents Adama to let go of his wife: he has to bring her back, he already walked away when she was alive.