Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 12

A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 23, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Another side to Gaeta is revealed and Nicky turns out not to be Tyrol's. A big step down from last week this acts as set-up for future episodes

    After last episode which was truly the best thing on television all week this was a major let-down. It sets events in motion for future episodes but sometimes haphazardly so. Out of the blue Gaeta in particular has become more bitter than he was, and the script and Allesandro Juliani performance felt a little rushed and staged, not in service of the character rather the plot. It's good to see Gaeta come out of the shadows as I like his progression over the last Season but why did it happen so hurriedly and with such malice (Starbuck more than holds her own in one of these scenes though).

    As in tune with the end of last episode it seems Ellen is most definitely the Fifth. I will like to see where this goes once she returns. Also, it seems that Adama is taking pills, could he be the dying leader and not Roslin? Only time will tell.

    Speaking of Roslin, she seems to have given up hope and is determined to let her cancer take it's course. She doesn't care anymore and would prefer to be selfish and in some ways Adama I think feels the same. Only unlike her he isn't going to give-up for the sake of his people's survival. Roslin's sudden fitness boom felt a little out of place but I guess she needs to occupy herself somehow.

    Leaving Zarek in Charge (as is obvious by his past) was clearly going to be a mistake, where as this intersected with Gaeta's storyline it felt more true to the character and I liked it. It once again felt rushed though. Baltar's dissolution will obviously come back to haunt him however as Head-six will surely come back to preach the Cylon gods word to him. I liked this although if there was more time then more from Baltar would have been great. More from Tyrol as well should have been made as he finds out that Nicholas is not his Son. As it's revealed in a scene straight after Caprica's baby scan you can't help but feel that this revelation paves way for the new kid on the block however. Finally, the last 2 scenes come out of almost nowhere. Gaeta forming an alliance with Zarek and Adama in bed with Roslin feel plastered on to the end. So important set-up we may have here but in terms of a satisfying episode, not so much.
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