Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 3

Bastille Day

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The new found water proves to be more difficult to collect than previously thought. A thousand men will be needed to carve up the ice and transport it back to the fleet. Lee has the idea to offer the prisoners on board a transport their freedom in exchange for their assistance. When he asks for volunteers however, no one steps forward except for Tom Zarek, a reputed terrorist. He refuses their offer, and soon after, a team lead by Zarek seizes control of the ship and takes Lee and the others hostage.

On Cylon-controlled Caprica, Helo and Boomer continue to search for the source of the military signal. All the while watched by Number Six and Aaron Doral. Number Six and Doral talk briefly about how well Boomer is doing. Number Six appears slightly remorseful of the empty city, while Doral simply tells her it was necessary. Helo and Boomer finally locate the signal underneath a restaurant. It appears the owner had built a bomb shelter but never managed to use it. The pair are relieved to have found food and more anti-radiation drugs.

Meanwhile, back on Colonial One, the president is refusing even to speak with Zarek, moments later he broadcasts his demand that the president resign, and call elections. She abruptly refuses.

Back onboard the Galactica, Adama takes the order from the president to storm the ship. Starbuck is charged with joining the mission as a sniper. Adama also speaks with Baltar and wants to know the status of the Cylon detector. Baltar confesses he has no such device, but Number Six orders him to say he can build such a machine and construction will need one of the Galactica's few remaining nuclear warheads to which Adama agrees. The Colonel continues to drink... his on-duty drunkenness is noticed by a few, including Starbuck.

Events are made worse by a horny prisoner making advances towards Cally... before taking her from her cell, presumably to rape her. Moments later, we hear a shot, and her scream to see her captor bleeding from his head, and her mouth covered in his blood. She has bitten off his ear.

The Galactica marines storm the ship as Zarek, and company with Lee in tow move to investigate Cally's screams. The prisoner is threatening to kill Cally... and Zarek seems uninterested in stopping him. Lee acts quickly, grabbing a weapon and killing her captor before turning the gun on Zarek. He tells him the president will step down, and hold elections if Zarek agrees to let the hostages go. He does, and the team evacuates the prison ship, leaving the prisoners in control of their own destiny.

The President and Adama are furious over Lee's promise of an election. Lee defends himself however saying the president is only supposed to serve the remainder of the seven-month term. He goes on to say if they do not hold elections, then they are fighting for nothing, etc. They agree to hold elections within seven months.

Finally, alone... the President confides to Lee that she has cancer. Lee agrees to keep this information secret.