Battlestar Galactica

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Battlestar Galactica (2003 Miniseries) - Part 2.0

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2003 on Syfy

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  • The war is over. And we lost.

    What is this storyline about Baltar seeing visions of Number Six, his Cylon seductress in his head? What indeed? A brain chip? Angel of God? Or is he just plain frakin' nuts? So starts the longest lasting mystery in the story, and as of the Third season conclusion, it has not been solved yet. Just go with it. In terms of action and suspense, this is a slow moving segment. However in terms of realistic drama, it is very powerful. Even though everybody has lost just about everything and everyone that was important, the situation leaves little time to lament. Already, hard choices have to be made, and people have to be left behind. The scene in which the decision if made to leave certain ships behind that cannot travel faster than light, leaving whole families, and thousands of civillians behind to die, is almost unbearable to watch. As Lee slowly counts down the jump away, we hear the voices from those ships begging, screaming not to be left behind, the Cylons indeed appear. "I hope you people rot in hell for this!!!", lee and the president hear as the Cylon's launch the missles, and they jump away, knowing that those civillians are most certainly dead within seconds of their departure. And with so little of humanity left. 50 thousand when Roslin, Lee and the fleet finally reach the Galactica. We meet Leoben, the arms dealer philosopher (LOL). Adama, while overseeing the transfer of arms to Galactica, hets trapped with him at the Ragnar station, and the two seek another escape. Along the way, Adama quickly figures the truth...Leoben is a Cylon. With that fact a little known one, I could never figure out how Adama came to that conclusion so fast, but since seeing Razor, I understand. Two plus Two equals four. You will see more of Leoben in the futue. He has a destiny with one of our crew. We find out a revelation about Kara. Just before scouting their escape from the Anchoridge, she confesses to Lee her passing Zac, Adama's dead son, in the flight class where she was instructor. This despite the fact the Zac was never ready to fly, and it killed him. Soon Kara discovers Three Cylon baseships and swarms of Cylon raiders standing between them and escape.
  • The Battlestar Galactica copes with the huge losses sustained and prepares to re-arm itself for the fight. Laura Roslin assumes her new role as President, coordinating rescue efforts and providing aid. Strong acting and innovative direction.

    Part three of the epic miniseries finds humanity trying to restore what is left of society. The Battlestar Galactica is busy re-arming and repairing its damages. Laura Roslin works to gather the stranded survivors together for escape. After the annihilation of the colonies, humanity's focus shifts strictly to survival instincts.

    The actors so vividly portray the twisting emotions which well up with such serious events. Mary McDonnell's newly sworn-in President Roslin shows such tenderness and compassion, but steely resolve in the face of difficult decisions. Mcdonnell walks this tight rope with grace and intensity. Edward James Olmos shows William Adama's tough side while still seeming grandfatherly. Each additional role gives us another important window into the remorse, the reunions, the resolve required to face such dire circumstances as the destruction of one's entire race. Without the human element each performance gives us, "Battlestar Galactica" would be just another space opera.

    Michael Rymer really stretches his directorial wings. The handheld zooms prove very effective in adding extra emphasis on the camera's focus. The revolving shot of Laura Roslin's debate over possible abandonment of slower, more vulnerable ships is choreographed with the precision and care of an orchestrated ballet. Even the fight scene shows a brutality and animal fierceness television is not accustomed to encasing. What we have here is no less a made-for-TV movie than a mosaic, a masterpiece of depth and varying hues of gray.

    Richard Gibbs's well rounded soundtrack provides a poetic backdrop to these events. He has the ability to match the on-screen elements with the perfect mood, whether it be sweeping violins flanked with soaring voices, or dark pounding drums and disturbing melodies.

    "Battlestar Galactica" sweeps through these riveting moral predicaments and gives us a dramatic epic capable of stimulating our brains as well as our eyes. They not only survive, but prove to be very worthy of survival.
  • And the war is lost..

    So, it looks like Cyclons got this war and Educational Mister becomes the president and she has to start with hard choices - first there is the crew and the commander of Galactica who does not seem to be very happy with her in the led and they have the different ideas. Then she has to make a decision - jump away to safe place and leave many people alive or risk with all and as Apollo so cleverly notice -it is all about surviving now.

    I really most say I like where the story is going and those hard choices, the camera work.. well done.
  • A great start!

    Battlestar Galactica
    Battlestar Galactica is a reimaginning of the 1978 series of the same name. In a future, the humans live in 12 colonies. The humans created the Cylons, robotic beings, to make life easier. They rebelled and a war was held. An attack was done to the 12 colonies, and the humans joined a fleet of ships lead by Commander William Adama of Battlestar Galactica to the legendary 13nth colony: Earth.

    I started watching BSG about a month ago and my impression on it is that it is awesome! The miniseries, considered a backdoor pilot, is an awesome start. The miniseries is great. So awesome and so full of action. If you want to start watching BSG, then start here.
  • Continues to be great!!!

    This shows dilemma is very similar to the hard and moral choice made in 24, funny, the channel is the same.

    After the last episode i oouldn´t expected worse. Hard decisions are necessary to be done and because a educational minister is now the president, this creates some emotional conflit. As expected, Apollo and Co are fine.

    Gaies is more stranger than ever, is really his conscience that is playing with him or he really have a ship installed in his head? Hard to say, but the writers structure a way for that sexy woman to appear and have her share of participation.

    The war is lost, so the last part should be interesting, with some resolutions and finding the real traitor.
  • Great production values.

    Even though the third part seemed like the slowest part in the four parts, it was still intriguing enough not to skip. The way it written in the screenplay the developing relationship between Number Six and Baltar is great writing. The internal struggles of the civilian versus military are also well played. The cutting back and forth between Caprica and the fleet keeps it interesting. This episode clearly shows what writers can do without the interference of network executives. They are able to deal with a lot of issues that are not readily shown on network TV. Once again another great episode.
  • The Cylons attack the humans after forty years of peace.

    I am a fairly new Battlestar Galactica fan. I just started watching it this past summer when I bought season one on DVD and then got cable which included the Scifi channel. The Battlestar Galactica miniseries really is exactly why I watch the show. It was written so well, and very well done all things considered. I was completely hooked on BSG after having watched less than an hour of the miniseries. I enjoyed every minute of it. All of the characters were perfectly cast. Roslin is my #1 favorite character on BSG. Mary McDonnell plays the part so well, and her performance in the miniseries was outstanding. I especially enjoyed the scene where Roslin was being sworn in as president. That's my favorite scene from the entire miniseries. Mary's acting in that scene was so good. After Roslin, my other favorite characters would be Baltar, Lee and Number Six, but I enjoy all of the characters. They all play their parts so well. Since the miniseries is three hours long, I consider it to be a movie, and I currently consider it to be my favorite movie. All in all, both the miniseries and the series as a whole are both really great.
  • Now we're talking! This one was great!

    I criticized the first part for being a little inconsistent, but they did a great job on this one.

    Right from the beginning you get a lot of action, excellent effects and above all, moral struggle. We saw a little bit of this in the first one, when the colonel ordered to do something killing 85 in the meantime, but this time, the part when apollo ordered to leave all those ships behind while they hear their desperate begging as we see the little girl ready to be kill... wow!

    The scenes with n°6 were very funny, the doctor is an interesting character with great potential. The scenes featuring Starbuck and Lee as well as those with the president and the commander were sensational, you can almost feel the chemistry.

    Obviusly the ending part had to be one of the better and it was. After what you feel when the doctor "falsely" accused the guy that's left in the station, you find out two things. First, that he was right and second, the identity of a totally unsuspected cylon.

    It's a great starting point for continuing the show!
  • It's really awesome!

    Picking up the pace from the last episode, this show is in high gear. The battlestar is ready for some serious space battle, and boy it happens with fireworks. We see Galactica in ways we never could have imagined in the original series. Ronald Moore did a good job. Starbuck may be a girl now but not a bad move, as long as the character is well written. She pulls some serious action just like Dirk Benedict. This is a better version of the original, well the old one didn't have the eye poppy effects of today. it's weaved seemlessly with the storyline. You just go along with the ride.
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