Battlestar Galactica

Episode 0

Battlestar Galactica (2003 Miniseries) - Part 2.0

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2003 on Syfy

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  • The Battlestar Galactica copes with the huge losses sustained and prepares to re-arm itself for the fight. Laura Roslin assumes her new role as President, coordinating rescue efforts and providing aid. Strong acting and innovative direction.

    Part three of the epic miniseries finds humanity trying to restore what is left of society. The Battlestar Galactica is busy re-arming and repairing its damages. Laura Roslin works to gather the stranded survivors together for escape. After the annihilation of the colonies, humanity's focus shifts strictly to survival instincts.

    The actors so vividly portray the twisting emotions which well up with such serious events. Mary McDonnell's newly sworn-in President Roslin shows such tenderness and compassion, but steely resolve in the face of difficult decisions. Mcdonnell walks this tight rope with grace and intensity. Edward James Olmos shows William Adama's tough side while still seeming grandfatherly. Each additional role gives us another important window into the remorse, the reunions, the resolve required to face such dire circumstances as the destruction of one's entire race. Without the human element each performance gives us, "Battlestar Galactica" would be just another space opera.

    Michael Rymer really stretches his directorial wings. The handheld zooms prove very effective in adding extra emphasis on the camera's focus. The revolving shot of Laura Roslin's debate over possible abandonment of slower, more vulnerable ships is choreographed with the precision and care of an orchestrated ballet. Even the fight scene shows a brutality and animal fierceness television is not accustomed to encasing. What we have here is no less a made-for-TV movie than a mosaic, a masterpiece of depth and varying hues of gray.

    Richard Gibbs's well rounded soundtrack provides a poetic backdrop to these events. He has the ability to match the on-screen elements with the perfect mood, whether it be sweeping violins flanked with soaring voices, or dark pounding drums and disturbing melodies.

    "Battlestar Galactica" sweeps through these riveting moral predicaments and gives us a dramatic epic capable of stimulating our brains as well as our eyes. They not only survive, but prove to be very worthy of survival.
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