Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 14

Black Market

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Lines you can't cross.

    -Fisk's death was done well. The cubit(qubit?) was a nice touch, old school. But I always thought it symbolized the victim had been running his mouth to the wrong people, not that they had gotten greedy.

    -Apollo's confrontation with Tigh could have been written a little better I think. I thought Apollo should be too angry and disgusted to be smug and cocky. I mean, did Tigh know Fisk was involved/running the black market or did he just think he was making a one time trade with a drinking buddy? Because the former is inexcusable. All those other people Tigh says are doing it aren't XO's and they probably aren't trading directly with a Commander.

    -Phelan was great in his small role, big fan of the actor(Bill Duke), but I was a little disappointed he never got to tell Apollo, "You know ya done f***ed up, don't ya?" Though the lines they did give him were pretty good, "It's hard to find the moral high ground when you're all standing in the mud." And just his presence on screen is powerful. Great actor and I think they made good use of him.

    -Oh Apollo, don't you know that as much as he is for misery the pimp is a whore's familiar? So the sudden strange or violent draws her to him(thanks Deadwood). But seriously, I enjoyed the plot with her. I was shocked when it was revealed she was a professional and I loved that they would do that with Apollo's character, especially as they had been working in the plot with him being interested in Dee(not to mention whatever still might be between him and Starbuck). Revealing that he isn't a fairy tale prince who can only be with the woman he loves, but is a human being that's as flawed and broken as any of us, made me gain respect for the character. Even if he did seemingly manage to find a hooker with a heart of gold.

    -Roslin wanting to remove Baltar as VP was to be expected and after his actions at the end of the last episode I'm glad she didn't waste any time in doing it. If it was any other character I would respect them being able to look past the fact that Baltar had just saved their life and do what needed to be done, but I'm not quite there with Roslin. Especially since she made him VP in the first place, despite having misgivings about him even then. Not to mention the fact that she bolloxed the whole thing up, by not only not getting him to resign but pissing him off in the process. Who knew that going from insulting, to patronizing, to threatening, wasn't a good way to convince someone to do something?

    Apollo grew on me a lot with this one episode, and not just by putting a bee in Roslin's bonnet over the trade sanctions/black market issue. His acting was grounded and convincing all the way through and I think it was a good move tarnishing the white knight he so often seems to be.

    I've taken some heat on another site for giving this episode such a high rating, but I honestly enjoyed it, though it does sit in the middle of some not so great episodes.