Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 14

Black Market

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2006 on Syfy



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  • Quotes

    • Phelan: (referring to the black market) It's hard to find the moral high ground when we're all standing in the mud.

    • Zarek: (to Apollo regarding the black market) Did you really expect some Utopian fantasy to rise from the ashes?

    • Cmdr. Fisk: Is Madam President always so right in your face?
      Baltar: Her last minute resurrection seems to have invigorated her somewhat.

    • Baltar: You know Madam President, I've never been particularly interested in politics and I never wanted any lofty position in power. I never wanted to be the vice president. That is, until this very moment because right now I can't think of anything I want more.

    • Dualla: Permission to speak frankly, sir?
      Lee: You don't need my permission and you don't need the "sir".

    • Number Six: You are Vice President of the fleet. Why are you acting like a child with your hand in the cookie jar?

  • Notes

    • There are 49,597 survivors in the fleet according to the onscreen count in the main titles.

    • In a deleted scene, Apollo's girlfriend on Caprica was revealed to be pregnant. Apollo told her he wasn't ready for a child.

    • Deleted Scene
      Shevon gives Apollo a locket, telling him it's a family heirloom. He tries to refuse, but she says she'd only wind up selling it on the black market if she kept it. Later when Apollo goes to the Prometheus, he trades it for information about Phelan's location.

    • Grace Park and Katee Sackhoff do not appear in this episode.

    • In the podcast commentary, Ronald Moore expressed his disappointment with the episode and accepted the blame for its sub-par quality.

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