Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 14

Blood on the Scales (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Gaete and Zarek exit stage left. Action abounded this episode as the series is rushing towards a conclusion.

    Well, even though in this show you never know, it was a foregone conclusion that the mutiny would fail. As I stated in my previous review, Gaeta wanted to die, he did not want to lead. he had no plan other than to rage against the people who brought him to his dispair. Poor Zarek only figured that out in the last minute before Adama retook the CIC. Gaeta did what is called suicide by cop, where someone does something intentionally criminal and points a gun at a cop hoping he will get shot (usually because they lack the courage to put it to their own head). The "Trial" was intentionally a farce as Gaeta was railing about the decisions Adama made but was really about Gaeta and how he got screwed by "Why did you leave on new caprica" etc.. was more about Gaeta than Adama. Gaeta knows (in his head) why the ship left new caprica, but he does not care now as since they left he was stuck there as Baltar's VP and that turned out to be horrible for him. Sataruck and Anders shot him and that took his leg, being betrayed by the eight model etc.. His mutiny is against life and he had enough

    The mutiny was by the people in the fleet who will never except an alliance with a cylon, they either don't care or don't believe that the rebel cylons changed and would rather go down fighting them to the end. And that is what they did. As the gaurd told Adama after he was saved from the firing squad, he respected Adama, but could never follow him now. I don't think Adama will kill all these people, as that is not in his nature, but they will either be put in the brig or given non military jobs. But it looks like the ship is about done as it is falling apart.

    Loved the action sequences, especially with Apollo and Starbuck back together again. I thought some of the plot points were contrived and trite, like Tyrol just happening to crawl out at the FTL drive and pulling the plug just before a jump, and Adama being saved right before execution, but I guess you will have that in these kinds of stories. I also felt Anders being shot was anti-climatic for the viewer as we know the final five cannot die. Even if he bought it, he will only be resurrected. Even though Kara doesn't know that, we do so it wasn't compelling to me.

    Finally, loved Gaeta and Zarek's little smile at each other at the end, it was like Zarek saying "well, we knew it would probably end this way" lol Zarek was always a terrorist, and we finally saw him as he really was in this episode. Unlike Gaeta, I don't believe he had a death wish and really wanted to be in charge. They made quite a pair, both did evil for different reasons. Gaeta wanted it to be noble, but he got alot of people killed for his blind rage, so in a way he is just as bad as Zarek's naked stab for power.

    Very good episode!