Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 14

Blood on the Scales (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2009 on Syfy

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  • There will be a reckoning

    This was truly a great episode and a good ending for the mutiny storyline. I couldn't believe that Zarek actually took out the Quorum as useless as it often was. Zarek has always been an interesting character that you were never sure of. I liked how she started as a terrorist and basically ended as one. He was who he was. I think that was what that last smile was about. "Them's the breaks kid." Gaeta is a whole other ball of wax. He's been a tragic figure pretty much since New Caprica. Picking one bad horse after another. He's just picked the wrong leader to follow and even when he tried to be the leader he just couldn't lead. He's made too many costly mistakes and it was bound to cost him in the end and going up against mom and dad was a fatal mistake. I liked the final conversation between him and Baltar. Gaeta isn't a villain. He's just a man who has made bad choices.

    I loved Tyrol is this episode, crawling through pipes. His conversation with Kelly was right on the money; the thing about Tyrol is that he's never been anything but Galen Tyrol. Not even finding out he was a Cylon could change who and what he is. A good man.

    Starbuck and Apollo are back in true form. I missed you both,

    Bill and Roslin were truly amazing to watch. Even when all seemed lost neither was willing to waiver from who and what they were. They were both willing to fight to the bitter bitter end. Roslin's "I'm coming to get you" speech sent chills down my spine. I have never loved her more. Roslin leader of the Cylons….and interesting idea. Warlord Roslin? Anyone? Anyone? Oh and it looks like Galactica is falling apart. This can't be good.