Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 14

Blood on the Scales (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2009 on Syfy

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  • OK... where next....?

    Hmmm.... another dramatic and gripping episode in terms of its content, very well played-out (if somewhat predictable in terms of arc and certain key characters) - but again I'm left wondering exactly what purpose it serves in the wider story arc....

    Yes, I know we needed closure to the whole Zarek thing, but as I stated in my review of "The Oath", while I did indeed find "Blood" dramatic, I cannot help but wonder if the tie-up of this arc really warranted what has effectively been three of the final ten segments (taking "A Disquiet..." as the set-up the the two-parter of "The Oath" and "Blood...")? While it doesn't plumb the depths of false premise established by the "black market" mini-arc enmeshed in episodes such as "Scar" (again, amazing how the Pegasus went from martial command to epicentre of a fleet-wide rackeetering ring in a single bound), the entire uprising still leaves an unsatisfactory taste in my mouth. Certainly, there is a feeling of "been there, done that...." to it, given that the subject of uprisings and attempted coups have been the subject of previous arc elements. OK, none have gone as far as this, but still, the feeling of retread is still there. And it was a major disappointment to see Zarek's character act so predictably and become so totally shallow compared to how he has been previously constructed. Yes, we know him to be power-hungry, but we also know he is a realist and pragmatist, and his treatment of the Quorum - which was very much anticipated from the outset of "The Oath" - came not so much as a moment of shock....but as a moment of deep disappointment that the character would be allowed to revert so thoroughly and so rapidly in order to make his eventual demise more palatable to us. And Zarek's actions weren't only easily predictable - Kelly's doubts and switching allegiance was never really in question from the moment he resurfaced; anyone who couldn't see either this or Zarek's condemning of the Quorum coming well ahead of time could only have been out of the room for most of both "The Oath" and "Blood...". Again, don't get me wrong - the story was dramatic; I enjoyed it - and seeing Romo lampkin one more time was a joy...but by the closing credits I was STILL left feeling the segment could have been put to better use deeling with broader issues. The two things that give me hope for this mini-arc leading to something bigger are:

    a) Sam Ander's "vision" role - hinted at in "the Oath", and teased-at in the spoiler for "No Exit". b) The weird gouges Galen Tyrol discovered in the FTL engine bay of the Galactica.....

    Still, I'll await "No exit" with anticipation...