Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 11

Colonial Day

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Aboard the luxury liner Cloud 9, a meeting of the Interim Quorum of Twelve is preparing to meet on Colonial Day. Wallace Gray, one of Roslin's advisors, comes to meet with her, just as the Saggitarons announce that Tom Zarek is to be their delegate at the Quorum. Adama is particularly unhappy about it and threatens to bar him from traveling, but Roslin forbids it. Zarek makes a fleet-wide announcement that he plans to change the system - a new era is about to dawn. Starbuck informs Baltar that he has been selected as Caprica's delegate to the Quorum, though he says he is too busy testing blood samples. Number Six appeals to his prurient side, and he decides to go. Apollo and Starbuck go to Cloud 9 to inspect it for security - over 500 people will be there, and she worries about snipers. Apollo and Starbuck keep an eye on Zarek when he arrives on Cloud 9. Tigh gives Zarek the cold shoulder in the reception line, though Ellen plays to the cameras. Roslin also plays to the cameras, taking Zarek's hand when he offers it. Inside the Quorum chamber, Roslin addresses the Quorum, including Baltar, who is bored. Number Six points out that a reporter has been eying him. She says that he can have her, as long as she still has his heart - which she can rip out of his chest at any time. Zarek rises to oppose Roslin's proposed agenda, saying that there is a critical item missing - the selection of a Vice President. At Number Six's insistence, Baltar seconds the motion. Zarek is quickly nominated. Later, Roslin scrambles to figure out how to keep Zarek out of the office. She enlists Gray, who is reluctant but finally agrees. In an interview, Zarek says that the President is holding on to a fantasy - everything has changed, but no one has changed. There is no economy, no market, no business, no pay. Apollo has the interview turned off, and causes trouble with Zarek supporters in a Cloud 9 bar. Apollo and Starbuck get into a fight, and tables get overturned. One man's briefcase contains a gun and it falls to the floor. Starbuck spots it and takes down the man. Later, Starbuck and Apollo question the man, Valence, but don't get far with him. Apollo tells Roslin that she has to evacuate the Saggitarons from Cloud 9, but she refuses - it plays into Zarek's hands. Apollo worries that if Zarek wins the Vice Presidency, her execution would be close at hand. She assures Apollo that Zarek will not win. She authorizes Apollo to tap his communications, though. Later, Ellen Tigh is in a bar and Zarek offers to serve her. She tells him that she is concerned about Tigh's place, and hence her place, in the future. He asks her to help him find Valence. Shortly thereafter, Valence is found dead in his holding cell. As they brief Roslin on Valence and their fears about Zarek, she hears Baltar speak on the wireless and gets a new idea - Baltar for Vice President. He quickly accepts her offer, and is narrowly voted into office. At Roslin's victory celebration, Zarek seeks her out. He congratulates her, and says he will see her again in six months - when the presidential elections take place. He tells her that he did not kill Valance, and he wonders who did. Ellen tells Tigh that he needs to think about the future, and she gives Zarek a knowing glance. On Caprica, Boomer and Helo reach Caprica City and decide to wait until dark to try to infiltrate the space port. Helo is thinking about the woman he spotted. Not knowing about the human models, he wonders why any one would help the Cylons. He guesses that perhaps the Cylons are cloning human DNA, and that may be how the attacks were so successful. Boomer gets upset when Helo degrades the Cylons and their human-clone allies. They approach a space port and prepare for an assault. Helo sees two Number Six models emerge from a building. Then he sees another Boomer model. It spots him and prepares to fire on him, but his Boomer shoots the other. He realizes the truth and runs off.

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