Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 11

Colonial Day

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Thank you, Mr Vice President

    This episode has several interesting developments. The Colonials have finally gotten around to building back up an interim Quorum of The Twelve. Tom Zarek is back, out of prison, and elected one of them. And surprise, so has Baltar! On Colonial Day, anniversary of the founding of the Twelve Colonies, the first official meeting of the Quorum is underway... under intense scrutiny. Lee is intent on catching Zarek doing some piece of dirty work or another. There is a great street fight type of brawl between Lee, Kara and a few thugs, who may..or may not work for Zarek. Zarek, ever the strategist , brings up a very valid point, which is that a Vice President needs to be elected in case something should happen to Laura, and is immediately nominated. Ummm.. yeah , not good. Laura has her own choice, but when she sees Baltar giving a very charismatic interview, she decides to oust her friend in favor of Gaius, in spite of what she thinks of both personally. Ellen spends her time flirting with Zarek in her own special way. Zarek asks her as a special favor, to check on a friend of his in detention...Vallence, one of the thugs Lee aprehended and interrogated. Shortly thereafter, that man is killed in his cell, in spite of guards being there. Zarek is obviously suspected. Baltar is elected by a narrow margin, and Tom tells Laura that he didn't kill Vallance. Meanwhile, on Caprica.. Sharon and helo are about to steal a ship. helo is obsessed with the model Six he saw, and suspects the truth...that there are human model Cylons. The pair split up to make their move, but shortly before they do...Helo sees another Sharon..and two plus two equals four. His Sharon immediately shoots her twin.. but Helo freaks, and bolts away as fast as he can. Richard Hatch seems to love playing Zarek, the slimy plotting, but very smart terrorist prisoner turned politician. What is Ellen Tigh's real agenda, and did she kill Vallence for Tom? This is a mystery that has never been answered..yet. Gaius is finally given something new to do rather then talk to and frak his virtual love goddess, or test blood samples. After his initial resisitance, he slips right into the political role, and seems to relish in it.. but as in everything Baltar does... purely for his own selfish purposes. This is the second time we see Roslin's cold side...although not as drastic as killing a Cylon...her decision to oust her close friend out of the Vice candidate position, is a sad one, and it hurts her...but it is a very cold and calculating decision nevertheless. She is willing to substitute and use a man she clearly does not even like for her own abitions. The celebration is a joyous scene. From the big band music.. to Adama practically sweeping laura off her feet, and onto the dance floor. And how about Kara, and that killer Va-va-vamp, to the nines, dressed to kill look? Look closely, kiddies. One time only! You won't see that happen again. She dances with Lee.. then Gaius cuts in. Someone should warn him about Kara and booze. Boor baltar. Then... Helo finds out the truth. He has fallen for a Cylon. He has been played..duped.. and it scares the hell out of him... and he doesn't even know about the bun in the toaster. Wait till the morning after.
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