Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 11

Colonial Day

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Layers of intrigue make for a compelling episode

    This episode is for the most part very well executed, and offers lots of things to enjoy.

    Zarek is back, and thankfully way better utilized than earlier in the season. Here he gets more compelling dialog, and he makes some valid points. But it's interesting watching the shades of gray in terms of right and wrong in this episode.

    Various characters hate Zarek for being a terrorist, and write him off purely on that. But many of their actions are questionable: torture, turning off the radio (to silence a political figure) and starting a fight, and of course Roslin asking for Zarek to be bugged. Roslin's close relationship with the military leader and quite clear statements about who she would or wouldn't have as her vice-president all show the nastier side of these people, and give Zarek's words some weight. Ellen makes her second appearance, and starts to show that her main aim is to protect her and her husband. She's less bound by strong beliefs, and much more adaptable to the situation at hand. People will write her off as a drunken tart, but they could do well with learning from her to drop some of the old ways and preconceptions.

    It's great to see Baltar's arc continue. His in-head Six has definitely been building this up over a number of episodes and making him believe in himself. When she made him second the request for a vice president, it paved the way for his rise to power. Another step on the story of Baltar.

    Also other noteworthy things: it's interesting to see Cloud Nine for a change of location, and the ending where Helo discovers the truth about Sharon is a gem.

    There were a couple of things I didn't like about the episode though. The whole assassination subplot felt bolted on to the episode, and didn't really go anywhere. My other problem is a bigger one, and is a problem with BSG in general but I started to really first notice it in this episode. That is the fact that the writers don't stop to think more often that these people are not from Earth. Too often the show does things that are very American. The news reporters' style for example was played as very American -- there doesn't seem to be an effort to make them at all different. Also very Earth-like dialog comes into play, like Roslin mentions a "goon squad". All in all, with the exception of the assassination plot, this was a well crafted and interesting episode. Definitely one of the gems of season one.