Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 19

Crossroads, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Crossroads, Part 1

    Crossroads, Part 1 was intense, beautiful, insane, and awesome! I really enjoyed watching this episode because Baltar's trial begins and there were some major revelations. It was interesting to see how people react and interact with each other in these types of circumstances. Lee tries to follow the path of good and right only to be questioned and put down by those he stands for, while he did tear some of them down perhaps. Lee had some major relationship issues with his father and Dee by the end of this episode. Colonel Tigh is put on the stand and his testimony was only the beginning. I think I picked up on clues to who some of the Final Five Cylons may be and perhaps God if that is ever revealed, and I feel there were many references to how humans and Cylons are connected. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Perfect

    Absolutely perfect. This is what scifi is all about. 4 Cylons, is the President the fifth? Kara is back with great news, or suspicious news? The trial is over, where is Baltar going now? Will we see his lawyer again? Lee is back in the ship, will Adama reinstitute him? What is the significance of Hera? What will the final "4" do now? Will they find earth? Will there be a fifth season?

    All these questions and yet I am completely satisfied. Jamie Bamber proved himself as an actor with his testimony. This show has elevated itself to a new level.

    I can't wait till next week.
  • Baltar's trial begins.

    Let me just start out by saying that I consider this episode one of my favorite episodes from season three, and I personally think that this episode was one of the best episodes of season three. My favorite story line for this episode was definitely Roslin's, and I was stunned by the reveal that her cancer has returned. That scene was so well done. It was very well written and very well acted by Mary McDonnell. I also loved James Callis' performance as Baltar in this episode just like I always do. I thought that he had some really great lines in this episode. All in all, I absolutely loved this episode, and every time I watch it reminds me of why I fell in love with the show Battlestar Galactica in the first place.
  • Awesome, new standards of TV sci fi.

    Who are the half wits are giving this episode a bad review? How did they even get as far as watching 60 episodes if they dislike it so much?
    For me BG has redefined television sci-fi, and this episode had everything that is great about the series. No black or white just a multitudes of grey. It’s dark, complex, political and groundbreaking. I notice that the reviews are polarized and no-one is saying it was just OK; it's all love or hate, that's always a good sign for me. I guess simple minded people need good and evil clearly defined so they don't get confused. This season closing double episode is simply as good as TV sci-fi has ever been. Long may it continue, if you don’t like it you should get your old Star Trek DVDs out and stick to the simple stuff.
  • Baltar's trial begins as Adama and Apollo begin to fight over the "integrity" of each other.

    Loved it. A great episode that has been put off for too long. We all knew it was coming but I'am really glad that they pulled it of the way they did. Any other crap show would present Baltar as the real "evil" and leave every military hypocrite untouched but not BSG. This is a great episode that has as many episodes showed us the hypocracies characters do to one another. Lee and Baltar's lawyer were great in establishing Baltar from just being an evil demented maniac for Cylons to a more a cowardous, victim of the Cylons. Granted Baltar is a scumbag that deserves jail time but the talk about him being the leader of the extermination of the human race is laughable.

    Take for example, the scene where Baltar reads the list of colonists to be killed by the Cylons. He objected to it was literally forced at gunpoint to sign. Who wouldn't sign that document over to save themselves? Some people will claim the moral road and say I wouldn't but that's rubbish.

    Baltar's lawyer did a great defense establishing Roslin as a humiliated President out for revenge against Baltar (which she is). Roslin is the hypocrite who wanted to kill, the Boomer Cylon yet when she was near death it was the Cylon and her baby that saved her.

    Then Colonel Tigh blaming his wife's death on Baltar (when clearly as seen in the flashback), he choked her to death was laughable.

    Haha everybody's a hypocrite as you can see. Tigh's wife was a traitor but Baltar didn't kill her, Colonel Tigh did.

    Admiral Adama is a hypocrite himself whose committed crimes himself and yet his claim that Baltar didn't "deserve a trial" is typical of a power hungry bafoon seeking to firmly end a scandal that obviously doesn't just point a nasty picture of the accused but the fleet itself.

    Anyhow, really great episode. This show doesn't pander to be politically correct as another show would. Can't wait for Part 2.
  • Great episode.

    Baltar's trial goes underway, the colonial fleet's fate hangs on the balance as the court proceeding plays out. Lampkin defends Baltar with Lee assisting. Some people on the fleet begin to worship Baltar as if he is a divine person. Tigh interrogates Number Six asking for some intel that might help the fleet outrun the pursuing cylon fleet. The tension is raised in this episode, a twist is shown that might be played upon on season 4. Stuff is shown in this episode, there's no colonial vs. cylon battle scenes on this one, but it's still an exciting episode to watch.
  • The trial of Gaius Baltar begins and fireworks abound as Lee Adama goes against the wishes of his father and assists the defense. Col Tigh hears music that is nowhere to be found, and is drunk on the stand.

    This is the most politaically relevant show on television. It mirrors the trial of Sadaam Hussein, some who believe he does not even deserve a trial, some who feel he deserves the death penalty, some who thinks he needs to suffer and others who felt he was a victim. The same four people exist in this episode and the discussions are relevant to every aspect of the political system in America. The conversation between Lee Adama and his father were perfect for the current discord between Liberals and conservatives in this country. And Lee's wife saying the system needs to be torn apart and rebuilt, as opposed to defending a system that is broken and not worth saving. Brilliance and the reason why this is one of the best shows on tv.
  • One of the best episodes I have ever seen.

    This new installment of Battlestar Galactica was one of the best episodes I have seen in a very long time. I loved the conflict between Lee and his father. They were so tense throughout the whole episode and then in the end after proving that the Madame President had Cancer agan. This creates more conflict to already great episode. I felt so bad for Lee the whole episode, his father not believing him and him eventually helping Baltar. He looked so conflicted in what he did and after the trial, it just looked so sad.After his wife left him and his Dad was basically ashamed, I do not know how could go on, especially after losing Kara. It is just a sad mess of events.
  • Look for the unexpected!

    I knew they were keeping the good stuff for the season finale, I just never imagined there was going to be so many of it.

    The questions everyone must be thinking: "What is the music Tigh, Sam and Tori, Roslin's assistant, keep listening?", "Why only them can hear it?" and "They hear it because they are three of the Final Five?"

    Well, folks, I don't believe they are Cylons due to the fact that Adm. Adama knows Tigh for quite some time, probably since the war with the Cylons. And if he can hear the music but isn't a Cylon, there's no reason we should suspect the other two because of it.

    Talking about the episode in general, we have President Roslin with cancer again, Apolo resigning from duty and entering in a struggle with the Admiral (actually, there's nothing new here) and even exploiting Roslin's secret to favour Baltar in the trial.

    Trial which, by the way, is really good and well exploited to add more tension to the series. Lampkin's once more is marvelous here. I'm starting to think Lampkin is one of the Final Five. The mysterious music playing in the exact moment Tigh's testemonying and indirectly destroys his credibility is too much of a coincidence.

    Stay tuned! Too good to lose! Too good maybe even to blink.
  • The first part of the amazing season finale.

    It was abosulutely amazing. The cast did a real good job. I think, the ones who hears strange voices(Tigh, Chief, Sam..)will have an important job on next weeks episode. I loved Baltar's lawyer, he did well while he defends Baltar. When i saw the next weeks promo, at the end, Chief or Sam says "We're the cylons". I've no idea why he uses "we" but I think it has a relation with the guys who hears the strange voices. I'm dying to watch the finale, for sure.
  • This episode set the stage for part II

    In this episode Baltars trial has begun and all eyes are on it, we see as Lee denies the fact that he is helping Baltar only to spite his father. We also see that Tigh, Anders, and Roslin's aid here a weird music that no one can here but them, which raises questions about them being part of the final five. Who are the other two; in the teaser for part two you can here Tyrol's voice saying "were cylons"? who knows. Another thing we found out in this episode is the return of Roslin's cancer and how Lee exploited it in order to make her credibility come into question, Lee quit the army, and was left by Dee; Crap what a bad day! In part two we will find out who is a cylon, who will find earth, and is Baltar guilty or innocent. Personally I think he's innocent (but that's a whole other conversation)
  • Part 3 of a 4 part season finale run.

    Although "The Son Also Rises" and "Maelstrom" do not share the same title as the last 2 episode in season 3, they are in effect relevant in many ways. With that said (and avoiding spoilers) "Crossroads, Part 1" is the third part of a four part run leading up to the finale, while also serving as part 1 or 2 regarding the trial of Baltar. Thus it is difficult to accurately and fairly rate this episode on its own merits. Finally judgment will come in the season finale if everything that has been building pays off. In a big way.
  • A phenominal start to what could be a classic finish...

    There have been a lot of complaints that the second half of the season has been a bit slow. And while there is a bit of truth to that, I've felt that many people have sold the second half a little short. With the exception of perhaps "Taking a Break from All Your Worries" (with all of its "Star-pollo" soapy melodrama) and "The Woman King" (which was interesting but ultimately a little too ordinary), there has been actually a lot of great things that have happened. We have gotten to know our heroes a little better and have found out that they are not as noble and righteous as they think they are. The tensions are running high, and the flaws are running deeper than ever.

    So now we come to what we have been waiting for since "Rapture", the trial of Gaius Baltar. And it does not disappoint. This is a great episode...perhaps one of the best of the season. There are a couple of big reveals in this episode that I do not want to spoil (one that completely knocked me out of my chair. In the words of George Costanza, I was "blown away...BLOWN") and the results of these revelations will alter the course of the series (which I applaud - change is good). The highlights:

    - Roslyn's dream
    - The confrontation between Six and Tigh.
    - Michael Hogan's performance this week. How much better can he get?
    - The visual effects, especially the overhead shot of the Raptor.
    - Lampkin's opening remarks. A little over the top? Perhaps. But effective, nonetheless.
    - The father and son discussion in the elder Adama's quarters.
    - "How's the president?"
    - Lee's decision
    - The cross-examination of President Roslin.
    - "Please...please don't do this..."
    - "I feel so, so, sorry for you right now"
    - "Finish what you started"
    - "Weather's changing...there's a storm coming"
    - The couldn't mean what I think it means, does it? If it does, I want to know a lot more about it. And I mean, I want to know everything.

    Writer Michael Taylor, who incidentally wrote "The Visitor" (one of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's finest hours) and director Michael Rymer do a terrific job keeping the court scenes tense and the dialogue smart. As stated before, the cross-examination of Roslin is effective not only because of what is said but the pace at which the scene unfolds.

    Perhaps the only down part about the episode was the fact that the Sci-Fi network did not decide to make it a two hour event instead of a two part finale. That and the fact that the Sci-Fi network pulled a "24" in regards to the preview next week. Was there really a need for that tidbit at the end??

    Regardless, the table is now set. One to go. Will we get a finale as incredible as last season? I'm betting we will.

    Seven days and counting...
  • Lee "Apollo" Adama is at it again. You gotta love it.

    This episode was a little slow in the pacing, I guess because it's setting up the it wasn't a classic episode...but the scenes between Apollo and the Admiral, Apollo and the President, and the stuff with Tigh on the stand were great! The Cylons are coming, and who's going to be the next Cylon???? When will we see Starbuck again?
    Questions, questions, questions.....
  • Episodes like this set it apart from the original.

    Once again very little in the way of action sequences and for once I am completely okay with this. The drama in this episode is thoughtful and thrilling. Not only involves a lot of the characters, we get to see how the same topic is viewed from different people. The simplest of actions can seem godlike while the same action can be perceived as unholy. The trial sequences are great like the better days of Law & Order. Lee's character is written very well in terms of the way his inner morality is conflicted. One awesome episode. The best drama show in space shines.
  • Helo: "Weather's changing, Felix. We need to be ready for it. There's a storm coming.”

    It's Law and Order: Galactica style this week. And anything Galactica style means a helluva lot of drama.

    Lee is making me mad. The only reason he took Baltar's case is to disobey his father. You don't take on a client you know is guilty for “justice” or to support the system. Dee has a point. He's helping a murderer walk free and that's not right.

    Lee's cross-examination with Roslin had me cringing, especially when Roslin begged him to stop. The kamala is not impairing Roslin's ability to lead the fleet, or her credibility where the trial is concerned. Lee knows that.

    The Adama father/son conflict is escalating quickly. Lee stepped down as CAG, and Adama called Lee a coward and a liar. Adama's fury was somewhat understandable, as Lee blatantly hurt two of the people Adama's closest to. Lee was just doing his job, though, and Roslin is on drugs and Tigh is an alcoholic; that’s not Lee's fault. Maybe I would sympathize with Lee if he wasn't protecting someone so despicable.

    Good opening dream sequence. What was it supposed to symbolize? That even though Roslin and Boomer will both try and protect Hera, the Cylons will ultimately get to her?

    Galactica is only three jumps away from reaching earth; the Cylons are back; there's something strange "in the fraking ship". Things are heating up for the finale. Who are your beats for the final five?

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - No opening credits this week. Was there not enough time?

    - 5, 197 people were lost on New Caprica.

    - The imaginary Six and Baltar were back to their manipulative ways this week.

    - What was with the music that only Tigh and Anders could hear?

    - How did Lampkin know about Ellen?

    - Why wasn't Gaeta on the stand? He should be a key witness; he was the vice-president after all. Maybe next week.

    - How militaristic of Adama to try and halt the trial for Roslin.

    - What's wrong with Tori? She looked like a mess.

    - Helo's now XO. He deserves it.

    - Is Roslin's cancer truly back? I don't want it to be.

    - Lee: "I will not serve under a man who questions my integrity."
    Adama: "And I won't have an officer under my command who doesn't have any."

    Final Rating: This was so much better than the last few, that I have a strong urge to give it 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Today I felt that old Galactica had come back.

    Whenever I talked to my friends about Galactica and said how awesome I thought it was, I was always asked back WHY was it so good. I answered that the main reason I became hooked on it was the way it was able to make me think. In every episode, I was presented with issues and situations that I had to face against my own values, forcing me to take sides, almost like I was part of the action itself. For a while, Galactica lost that ability and wandered off on love triangles and some (imho) excessive mythology.

    Today I felt that old Galactica had come back. Almost all of the episode is focused on Baltar's trial, but Lee's relationship with his father is a major part of it too. Lee's choice of assisting Romo Lampkin in Baltar's defense has divided them even more, specially because the Admiral doesn't seem to be very neutral as a judge. More than once he showed he's somewhat biased towards finding Baltar guilty and protecting his friends from some hard questioning. Lee, on the other hand, seems lost. He lost Kara, he can't relate to his father, he doesn't seem to have any close friends and even his wife is preparing to leave. As for the trial itself, things seem to be going well for Baltar. Two key witnesses, Tigh and Roslin, are shown not to be very credible, either because of substance abuse or for having ulterior motives behind their arguments against Baltar.

    Also, there's something strange aboard the ship. Tigh, Anders and Tory seem to be the only ones hearing some strange noises. Could this mean that they are... "special"? Something big is about to come up, and I can't wait to see what it is!
  • Baltar's trial gets underway

    The classification I selected is "Character development".

    The character that develops most is Lee Adama. During this episode, the father-son clash is heating up, with Lee resigning his commission from the fleet and deciding to pose some interesting question to President Laura Roslin while she is on the stand.

    Even though I liked this episode, the series is becoming less and less a scifi series and more and more a series that deals with historical events. Some very recent historical events even. It is starting to mirror developments in current society and moving away from the original premise of the show. A fleet of refugees trying to find earth. While it has always been more than a simple space opera, it is now threathening to turn into a social commentary show with touches of Matlock thrown in for good measure. I hope the season finale will deliver...
  • Finally - a trial

    Oh, after so many episode promising the tiral - it is here and it does not go easy - mostly for Lee who is in weird position - but he takes it and does what he should.

    So we have some testimonials and it does not go too well for Tigh who finally says it out that he killed Ellen.. I have no idea if Adama knew it but it definetly hurt Tigh badly.

    And then we have some mysterious song that some are hearing, some not.. and it looks like Sam has already manage to move on from Kara..

    Oh - overall - lot of talk and I expected more action but it was good to great the tension for last episode.
  • What lies ahead

    A great inside look on characters, this is an episode asking many questions I feel will be answered in Season 4. There is clear indication that the season finale next week will not answer the questions asked here.

    I've got only one question to ask: Wouldn't this episode be more complete with Cara Thrace in it? There's a lot of supposition to why she had to be killed before the end of the show; perhaps she will surface again as a Cylon, God, Phantom etc but as far as character development and a coming battle with the Cylons are concerned I feel she should have been spared.
  • This episode starts out with silliness. I mean, Baltar as a savior??? You gotta be kidding me!!!

    Baltar is getting increasingly slimier. He's always had a fun factor to him but now he's getting creepy and pathetic. Awesome right? :D

    How do we measure loss? Riveting presentation by the prosecutor. I can't believe that 5,197 people died on New Caprica. That is a ridiculous amount of people that died for nothing. Looking at the previews, they are going to let Baltar off. That's the only thing that could get a response like shown in the previews. Speaking of the upcoming episode, SciFi Wire of all places, let everyone know that spoilers about the next episode have hit the net. I haven't seen them and hopefully it can stay that way. I write spoilers here but only AFTER the episode has been aired. Anything before that is just mean IMO.

    Off that soapbox....
    Tigh's cross examination was a shame. Someone should just take him out to the pasture and shoot him. What's going to be even worse for the guy is I suspect that he is a cylon. That would totally suck for him but would be totally on par with the luck he's been having.

    Adama vs. Adama: I personally think Lee is a weasel and a coward. I've never liked him. I wished Admiral Adama would have punched Lee in the face.
    Dee leaves Lee: Good, he's full of **** and she can do better.
    Helo- "There's a storm coming": Nice cryptic message. What is he a Ghost Whisperer now? That should have been a line for Laura.
    Laura: Her cancer is back?!?!?!?? Oh no!!!! That's awful. I sure hope she is a cylon so that she can get a new body. I like her character and I don't want her to go.

    I can't wait for next week but I know it's going to be one hell of a cliff hanger.
  • A slow and somewhat disjointed build-up to the big finale

    As I’ve mentioned before, it’s always difficult to review only part of an episode, and in this case, it’s clear that the story was written as a two-hour block that could be split in half more or less intact. Still, the pacing is more appropriate to the longer format, so this episode suffers from the same issues as “Exodus: Part I”. It’s all leading to something massive, but this is the setup, not the true resolution. That reality leaves the episode with a distinct lack of identity.

    I’ve also mentioned that Michael Taylor is a writer with a spotty track record, especially when it comes to “BSG”. This time around, I’m not sure that the fault lies with the primary writer, however. The main problem with this episode is the same issue that has plagued the third season from its inception: the lack of proper establishment of plot-critical elements.

    Take, for example, the revelation that Roslin is once again suffering from cancer and using the kamala drug as a treatment. Nothing in previous episodes hinted that this was the case, so it comes across as disingenuous. In fact, it would be easy to interpret this as deception. Roslin’s demeanor after the revelation, particularly to the press, felt directed, as if meant to gain sympathy after a courtroom setback. If that were the case, then it would be easy enough to dismiss the issue.

    However, Adama’s reaction to Lee’s line of questioning suggests that he knew the truth all along, and sought to conceal it. Between Tigh’s revelation of his wife’s murder and Roslin’s admission, Adama is a wreck by the time his son comes calling. His emotional attack on Lee is not the response of a man trying to score a political point; it’s the pain of a man living with deeply unpleasant truths. So that makes Roslin’s revelation feel like a genuine plot point, and that’s simply not good writing.

    For the first time in a long time, it’s possible to sympathize with Lee, because he’s walking a difficult path. Of all the things he’s done to push Dee away, his defense of Baltar is the tipping point, and it comes across as incredibly unfair. To the writers’ credit, the trial of Baltar is turning out to be more complicated than expected. The audience has come to see Baltar as a weak and evil man, a traitor to mankind, but the truth is a lot more complex. As Romo and Lee demonstrate, none of the self-righteous members of the “emerging aristocracy” are innocent, and their judgment of Baltar comes across as personal and smug.

    Add to that the revelation that Baltar is becoming a cult symbol within the fleet (perhaps a prophet of “God”?), and there’s a huge potential for Baltar’s acquittal. This could quickly lead to a civil war, which the Cylons would happily use to their advantage. Cally called it in the previous episode: the Cylons could have been hanging back, waiting for the right moment to strike. With the fleet coming close to the next marker leading to Earth, the Cylons are on the move.

    The simple assumption would be that the “song” heard by some characters, suspiciously familiar, is a sign that they are Cylons. If so, at the very least, Col. Tigh (I called it after “Rapture”!), Anders, and Tori are now on the list. The question is how this intersects with the impending arrival of the known Cylons. It’s highly unlikely that the known Cylons themselves are “activating” the Final Five; the known Cylons don’t even know what the deal is with the Final Five anyway.

    Instead, it seems more likely that the Final Five are something very different from the known Cylons, perhaps a faction that was opposed to the genocide of the Colonies (a long-held position of mine). They could be the key to Earth, survival, or both, and while it would be devastating for these characters to discover their true nature, it would also bring up major questions about what it means to be Cylon. And of course, there’s the massive open question regarding Kara Thrace and her possible role.

    It’s far too early to say how well this episode prepares for the big finale, because so much is at stake. The series was already on the brink after the apparent death of Starbuck; now it is quite clear that the series will rise or fall based on how the Final Five revelation plays out. Whatever the case, this season seems to be capping off the ramifications of the New Caprica plot element, so perhaps the fourth season will manage to close the door on the identity and nature of the Cylons. By that point, viability may no longer be a concern, but closing out the
  • Better than last week, but the father vs. son conflict has been played to death in previous seasons!!!

    The writers of this show really need to give Lee Adama something new to do on this show. The father vs. son dynamic has already been played to death during the first two seasons. It seems forced at this point. I give kudos to both Jaimie Bamber and Edward James Olmos for their stellar acting, but stellar acting can only go so far to sell a shoddy idea. Lee betraying Rosalyn just seems like a stretch to me. Why? To get back at his Dad? Is he 13? And didn't he side with Rosalyn in the second season? I just don't buy that he would do that to her.

    Nice to see the Cylons make a reappearance though. You remember them, perhaps? You know, the robots that destroyed the twelve colonies! Haven't seen or really heard much about them for the last 6 episodes.

    As always, Colonel Tigh was fantastic. I liked the weird tripped out business with him (and presumably) others hearing music. Perhaps the Cylons left something behind in Tigh's brain? It was also nice to see Dualla finally give Lee a piece of her mind. She was strangely absent from last week's episode.
  • Okay so after writing a book baltar is suddenly seen as a god? Perhaps cosmic rays effect the brain

    The whole baltar thing is hacknied and poorly executed.
    The hate figure of the whole season is now the new messiah.
    All he did was write a book ,how many people would even be able to see past there overiding hate to pick up the manuscript let alone read and come to the conclusion he`s a god.
    Wow the de Vinci Code was good i think Dan Brown is my personal saviour.
    The blessing scene was awful,bad script, acting ,you name it.
    The court room scenes did have some bite.
    The opening statement from the defense contained alot of logic.
    What was the alternative to surrendering to the cylons?
    Tigh suggests fighting ,against ten base stars and a large army of toaster ,good luck.

    Usually the mythos of this show is one the best things about it.But it really seems to have lost its way.
    There hasnt been any nail biting episode since new caprica
    and i hold out little hope for the grand finale.
    What was once the best show on tv is now starting to annoy me
  • Starting to lose faith in show's ability to save itself.

    Was there much point to BSG last night? The trial was...well, rather boring, except for Colonel Tigh's testimony. And Baltar being seen as divine? Please. Will we find out why there was this sudden shift from his being viewed as a political revolutionary to his being a demigod? I hope so. That definitely needs an explanation.

    I also hope that the dream sequence from the beginning ties in with the second half of the episode next week. Cuz it really didn't figure in last night.

    Um, what the hell are they doing to Apollo? First of all, he's like a cardboard cutout (ie, bland and lifeless). Second, he quit as CAG? Out of character, even with his feelings about not being trusted by his superior and father. He's bouncing from job to job like a pinball. And if he's starting to go to the dark side for a reason, tell us what it is!

    Are they ramping up Adama to be a drunk? Why are they bringing back the president's cancer? Why did Lee betray Laura? Why does she feel "so sorry for him right now?" Excess drama alert!!

    I feel like they're wasting all these formerly excellent character developments by reducing the characters to stereotypes and stock fillers. This show deserves WAY better than that--and darn it, *used to be* way better than that.

    I would love to know more about how Lee is doing with is loss of Kara, but apparently that's too much emotional development. Sigh.

    Does anyone else think the name Romo Lampkin sounds like it should denote either a clown, a cartoon character or an adventure hero from the 40s?

    Can't 100% figure out where they're going with the music. My first thought was that, a la the movie Contact, it would end up being radio wave transmissions from Earth, indicating they're getting close to it. But I don't know. That would be kind of a rip-off, but at the same time cool. Mostly a rip-off, though.

    I miss Starbuck! *sniffle*
  • The series is coming to a grinding halt.

    BSG, once my favorite, is slowly reaching the level of a soap opera. The cylons seem to have disappeared from the scene altogether. Baltar is becoming a sort of Jezus figure and the Adama's are playing out a classic father and son conflict. The storylines are dragged and dragged. Many interesting questions are just left open. Characters do not develop, but instead become more shallow and predictable, or to the contrary (Lee Adama) ridiculously off character.

    The pace of the series is getting slower and slower almost nothing happens anymore. It is really getting pathetic. I know I'll be watching next week anyway, since I'm always hoping things turn for the better, but what once began as a fantastic improvement upon the classic 1980's series is now reaching lower and lower lows. Season four better be the last season. I hate it when shows are pulled halfway and this one is getting to be a very likely candidate.
  • More twisted "character driven drama." These guys don't need Galactica and Vipers to save humanity. They need Dr Phil!

    More twisted "character driven drama." These guys don't need Galactica and Vipers to save humanity. They need Dr Phil! I have quite a few complaints. First, Six giving morality lessons is absurd. Nobody who was a major part of wiping out 12 Billion people has any business teaching others morality. And the fact that a huge part of the show is Cylon lecturing shows the writers and the rabid fans that they can easily rationalize the Cylons killing 12 Billion people. Dr Phil check you messages.

    Second, humans worshipping Baltar is crazy. For all that he did on New Caprica and telling the Cylons the path to Earth he should be executed. Just plain twisted. Hello Dr Phil.

    Third, the whole father/son conflict is getting old. I don't care how much you hate your dad, if the Cylons killed 99.999999% of the population you'd put your feelings aside and fight the real enemy. Even the rabid dog defenders of this show in their glowing tributes are tiring of the Adama/Apollo feud. Dr Phil to BSG STAT!

    Fourth, I don't care who the final five are because it makes no sense. The path to Earth is what we should be focused on not who are the last Cylons. You know...Earth? The place where we can find safe haven. And why don't the Cylons know who other Cylons are. Are you saying robots don't recognize other robots? Dr Phil says,"What were you thinking?"