Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 19

Crossroads, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Baltar's trial begins as Adama and Apollo begin to fight over the "integrity" of each other.

    Loved it. A great episode that has been put off for too long. We all knew it was coming but I'am really glad that they pulled it of the way they did. Any other crap show would present Baltar as the real "evil" and leave every military hypocrite untouched but not BSG. This is a great episode that has as many episodes showed us the hypocracies characters do to one another. Lee and Baltar's lawyer were great in establishing Baltar from just being an evil demented maniac for Cylons to a more a cowardous, victim of the Cylons. Granted Baltar is a scumbag that deserves jail time but the talk about him being the leader of the extermination of the human race is laughable.

    Take for example, the scene where Baltar reads the list of colonists to be killed by the Cylons. He objected to it was literally forced at gunpoint to sign. Who wouldn't sign that document over to save themselves? Some people will claim the moral road and say I wouldn't but that's rubbish.

    Baltar's lawyer did a great defense establishing Roslin as a humiliated President out for revenge against Baltar (which she is). Roslin is the hypocrite who wanted to kill, the Boomer Cylon yet when she was near death it was the Cylon and her baby that saved her.

    Then Colonel Tigh blaming his wife's death on Baltar (when clearly as seen in the flashback), he choked her to death was laughable.

    Haha everybody's a hypocrite as you can see. Tigh's wife was a traitor but Baltar didn't kill her, Colonel Tigh did.

    Admiral Adama is a hypocrite himself whose committed crimes himself and yet his claim that Baltar didn't "deserve a trial" is typical of a power hungry bafoon seeking to firmly end a scandal that obviously doesn't just point a nasty picture of the accused but the fleet itself.

    Anyhow, really great episode. This show doesn't pander to be politically correct as another show would. Can't wait for Part 2.