Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 20

Crossroads, Part 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2007 on Syfy

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  • At the Crossroads...

    From the title "Crossroads" to the song "All Along the Watchtower," the references here are subtle but intentional. The crossroads is where the deal with the Devil is made, and many will note this reference in regards to Dylan's own deal with the Devil to become a famous musician (the one who penned "All Along the Watchtower," later made even more famous by Jimi Hendrix, who, like Dylan, was influenced by bluesman Robert Johnson and his deal with the Devil to play guitar).

    Why is this important? Because Battlestar Galactica represents the merging of humanism (the Lords of Kobol, the "gods" who are glorified humans) with the Cylon "God," who would bring wisdom to the Mother of All Living on New Earth (Hera, aka Eve). Demonic voices guide Baltar and 6 toward this objective, the end of the Human Race. Here, Crossroads represents the culmination of the Devil's machinations on the Galactica crew.

    Perhaps the words most pertinent to Galactica, but not quoted from "All Along the Watchtower," are these: "'None of them along the line/Know what any of it is worth'"
  • Jim Hendrix lyrics in battlestar episode 3-20

    officer w/ patch says: "There's too much confusion" then a few minutes later says "there must be a way outta here" -- both are lyrics from Jimi Hendrix' "All Along the
  • A great episode to end a great season.

    The ending is probably what viewers are going to remember about this episode, with Tigh, Chief Tyrol, Anders and Tory appearing to make up 4 of the Final 5 cylons.

    I'm not wholly convinced that this makes complete sense, given the limited knowledge we have about the Cylons, but I'm defintely up for having it explained next Season.
    I'm wondering whether this means that the Chief's and Kelly's baby is another Human/Cylon hybred? Where Starbuck fits also remains a mystery to me, but I may have missed something. I hope that she will not be the last Cylon. It does seem reasonably obvious that Earth will be discovered quite soon in to Season 4. I'm still open as to whether this will turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing, I just hope there won't be any scouts leaping 30 feet in the air...

    Roll on 2008.
  • Crossroads, Part 2

    Crossroads, Part 2 was an absolutely perfect episode and season three finale of Battlestar Galactica. I really enjoyed watching this entertaining episode because it was riveting, suspenseful, dramatic, and full of revelations, surprises, and mixed feelings. There was a ton of character development and the actors played their parts amazingly. In Baltar's trial and verdict there was a lot of interesting points brought to the surface. This episode was very awesome for hinting or false flagging us into believing we know who the other Cylons may be. I did find it interesting that those who heard the mysterious "mucis" all assembled together in a room, though they were only four. Meanwhile President Roslin had another vision involving Hera, Athena, and Caprica Six which was interesting. The ending was really superb and what I'll call Bad#$$ because of the Space Zoom Out Scene where we see the Colonial Fleet in or near the Nebula they jumped to with the Cylon Fleet in pursuit, and it sort of reminded me of the days when I drooled over Goa'uld Mother Ships closing in on SG-1 or their allies. The Cylon ships are beautiful, and seeing them in space is peaceful and they just seem so shiny and clean! I feel every thing is connected some how and I look forward to finding out by watching the next season!!!!!!!!!
  • Battlestar Galactica is close to the nebula that separates the ship from the final road to earth. In the final 5 we'll find 4 members of the crew. Who is the 5th? Is truth what Lee sees from his ship? Is Starbuck alive? She might be the final cylon?

    Battlestar Galactica went big like always. So we have to wait for season 4 to see what the final 5 will choose to do. Who is the last member of the final 5? Is it Starbuck? They will find earth? How is earth? Is a modern civilization, or a dead world? Oh, it will be a long year. So many questions and so few answers. If this season 4 it will be the last, I only hope that all our questions will have an answer. This final episode makes you scream of frustration but surely make wait the next season too
  • Contains many, many spoilers!


    What an episode. when the four characters heared the music running up to this finale, i thought it could be rationalised logically, that we would get a cop-out theory... i was wrong. I loved it when Sanders, the presidents aid, Tigh and Chief walked into that room together and they know what and who they are. Everything that they stood for means-nothing now!!! i remember back to the episode where Dean Stockwell is introduced as a priest to help chief, who is having nightmares of killing himself and he jokes "you're not a cylon because i've never seen you at our meetings" Classic episode. i guessed only Sanders to be a cylon but never Tigh or the others!
  • What an episode...

    I have no words.. that was just a wow episode.. first it took some time as it really looked like it was going to be about Baltar trial and the culmination will arrive with the verdict what was just looking so much like going to be not quilty - who will kill Baltar if the serie is still continuing?

    And I most say the whole thing with the music and the four people hearing it - I sadly got it in last episode after my sister gave me a hint that call her when radio starts playing and then I did some counting and came out with thought - Tory Foster is cylon.. and then the all other came.. and oh.

    But this episode was just stunning.. the last minutes - the whole action - power out, those four meeting, or the scene when president, Sharon and Number Six where all on that illusion.. and the last scene.. Starbuck.. oo.. that was brilliant one.

    Again - they know how to make season endings..
  • One of the best of the season. After a slow start this season finishes off where the other two seasons began.

    Seems like a lot of shows especially drama type has cliff hangers at the end of a season to keep interest up until the next season. Battlestar Galactica is no different, I would have to say not only I was surprised on what happened on Galactica with Baltar's court proceedings, there was plenty of excitement outside of the ship. Another storyline we were led to until this point was the mysteries of the final five cylons skin job. I was very surprised with the turn of events in this storyline and looking forward to more. This one is worth watching all the way from beginning to the end.
  • The best of that show so far... I'm a bit behind from season 4

    All I can say about this episode is that it is the best by far. It is like when you start wondering if this season will get any more exciting... and here you go... one of the most exciting episodes I've seen in a while. It is definitely worth watching even twice. Huge changes have been made to the show which will prepare you for a whole new season. Even though it makes you think of what will come next and maybe predict some of the upcoming events. Still, in my own opinion, major changes had to be done... I just love it...
  • Greatest episode ever. Period.

    For years friends of mine have been telling me about watching bsg. They were ranting and raving about this show so much, that eventually I caved in; a little bit because of interest, but more about wanting to prove them wrong.
    To my dismay I watched every night in disbelief ... this show was just delivering episode after episode of pure greatness. But this latest episode was just ridiculous.
    The whole episode is a roller coaster of emotions. It starts with vengeance: anyone would be lying if they told you they didn't want to see Gaius lose the case. But then comes the unbelievable speech by Apollo ... it is so great that can make you believe in justice all over again. It gives you the other side's perspective - it gives you your common sense back, without the clouding of vengeance. Of course Gaius's arrogance ruins it ... and almost gives you that feeling of hatred again ... when Apollo and the lawyer (I forget his name) put him in his place and leave him on his own.
    In the meanwhile ... Col. Tigh, Sam, Chief Tyrrel and the president's helper (I forget her name too) hear this strange music coming from within the ship, which brings them together to the same place in the ship - they're the only ones who can hear it, so they immediately suspect that they are cylons (Sam's reaction to this is just awesome). Of course they're probably part of the initial five (or whatever they're called) cylons that they've been so mysterious about ... the other one being probably Baltar.
    Of course, while this is happening the rather important part of the storyline ... you know, the finding earth bit ... is developing, as they finally make the jump to the nebula, which is supposed to be a marker/clue/something left by the 13th colony.
    And guess who's here? None other than the whole Cylon fleet! At this point things are happening so quickly that you just don't know what's happening and how to feel.
    And bam! ... they hit you with another shock: a misterious viper appears out of nowhere. As Apollo goes to investigate, the sound that the 4 in the ship were hearing, starts to become a bit louder and you start to recognize the song. As the wonderful words of Bob Dylan start to be heard, from one of the greatest songs of all time "All along the watchtower", Apollo discovers that the misterious viper is being flown by Starbuck! And she tells us that she's been to earth and she WILL take the fleet there ... this of course with the whole cylon fleet right in front of them.
    I read somewhere in the trivia, that this is the first song in the series to be played (with lyrics). I cannot help but see the symbolism ... as the fleet is getting nearer earth ... we hear the first real song, that actually comes from this planet. This cannot just be a coincidence. Of course I could be wrong, and I'm seeing symbolism where there isn't one. Still doesn't take it away from the fact that this was the greatest episode of any series of all time. Period.
  • And then there were five

    In the middle of the action packed season finale the last cylon models that remain unknown are finally reveled as the Chief Tyrol, Commander Tigh, Anders and Tory listen the same melody that once showed Baltar his destiny – and Hera - two seasons ago. So shocking and disarming this revelation was that it took me awhile to fully understand why these models would sever the link with the rest of their community: Galen was a father so committed to both his son and Cally as Tight once was to his wife Ellen, Tory not only helped the President to save the remaining 41 thousand people that represents all that’s left of humanity, she once helped her steal an election to continue to do so and Anders was a key player in the resistance long before he met Starbuck. You see, these are the models that belong to humanity up to the point they choose to be part of it over and over again even after it is revealed their very nature.

    As much as it didn’t make sense for brother Cahill to let a Tigh model lose to undermine cylon authority in New Caprica we understand that was all what model Tigh would’ve done, just as much as model Anders would’ve fought on the guerilla even before he would know there was still a humanity left to defend or model Galen would be the beacon around which his technicians would gather after the war as he was conditioned to form a family just as much as Tory was conditioned to protect these families as fiercely as she protected Laura’s presidency. Ironic how half of the jury that executed the cylon collaborators after the occupation of New Caprica was made out these models who embraced humanity just as much as they embraced the many flaws that come along with it; the models who left their brothers such a long time ago they even forgot what they really were until the fifth model, a female just as flawed as they are, reveals itself in front of Lee Adama as she once revealed herself in front of the D’Anna model, for her previous death could only lead to one possible conclusion: that it was up to a Starbuck model to show them all the route to earth.
  • A great ending to a somewhat bizarre episode. The excitement level was boosted from recent episodes with the appearance of a silon (of all things).

    Great Ending and a good episode. Not the perfect one that many people are writing baout tho.

    The trial comes to an end and surprise, surpise good old Balty is found guilty..or was it innocent? Anyway you do get to find out. The trial is a bit of a joke; not being a lawyer it just w/couldn't pan out that way. If you think about the result it was the obvious outcome to keep the series going for a few more seasons!

    We have a surprise re-appearance. Which of course is no real surprise but it certainly came sooner than i expected. Again it had to happen for the longevity of the whole thing.

    Then we come to the reveltion of who the silons are. Which if you know that the silons are apparently revealed then you can pretty much guess who they are form recent episodes. They all came as a surprise to me tho I have to admit. This along with tantalising references to the way to earth made it a VERY GOOD ending to an otherwise episode. Definately enjoyable tho. So go on watch it and enjoy!!
  • WARNING SPOILERS! One of the best episodes of season 3.

    This episode features the best courtroom scene I've ever witnessed. I was staggered when I saw that the four major characters hearing the music revealing that they are four of the final five Cylons. They stay true to the formula that BattleStar Galactica puts in every finale each season. The acting is the best acting for all of season 3.

    Warning! Major Spoiler coming up!. I was shocked to see Kara Thrace aka StarBuck return at the very end of the episode to imply that she knows where earth is. Overall this the best quality you'll ever find in any Genre. After watching this episode you will beg for the fourth bseason to come faster.
  • Baltar's trial comes to an end.

    I thought that this episode was an amazing episode of Battlestar Galactica, and it was definitely a very exciting end to the third season. My favorite story line from this episode was definitely the conclusion of Baltar's trial. I thought that James Callis' performance in this episode was absolutely outstanding. My second favorite story line in the episode was Roslin's. One thing that I've always loved about Battlestar Galactica is how the writers tend to end most of the episodes if not all of them on a very exciting note, and I think that this episode has one of the best endings ever in the history the show, especially with the reveal of the final five Cylons, Baltar being declared innocent of all the charges that were brought against him and the reveal that Starbuck is alive and has apparently found earth. All in all, I really do think that this was an amazing episode of Battlestar Galactica, and it's definitely one of the best episodes yet of the series.
  • Wow it takes specail talent to make a episode this bad kudos. Ill never watch this rubbish again

    i m a big fan of the show
    i love the idea ,the flawed characters ,
    the silent space battles, the dubious morality and tough choices But

    starbucks return
    a character whos ship we saw explode
    suddenly turns up in another part of the galaxy
    and tells us she been to earth
    come again?
    her return is not only a shoddy ratings grab
    but is also bad for another reason
    she has always been the part of the show you have to suffer through to get to the good ,interesting ones(who CAN act)
    No charisma ,no personality ,no talent and very annoying.

    Rumours suggest that this wasnt part of some greater plot the producers have said they had know idea why or how starbuck had come back until they started writing the 4th season.Not really something they should be admitting The song
    by bob dylan
    its terrible
    its was teriible then as it is now
    and having characters quotes lines from the song really breaks the fourth wall
    and made me laugh a little

    the cylons suprise attack
    how was it such a suprise when in the last episode a raptor on recon warned them ,they were right on there tails
    they barely escaped the missiles as i recall
    so you would think they would be prepared
    having fighter squadrons on fly by and such
    but no not in this universe

    and then of course all the powers turns off
    forgot to pay the bills?
    or an attempt at a cliff hanger
    which went seriously wrong?

    I,m not tuning in for next year after this insulting tosh
    Infact most of the episodes have been boring since they escaped new caprica
    hardley a brilliant season

    An exercise in turning a great show into utter tosh.Like 4400, X files and Lost the early brilliance in plotting writting & building tension comes to nothing as show makers do left field arbitrary things to grab ratings

    Be ashamed show killers
  • Excellent finale but not an amazing season...

    now we are waiting for season 4 which is the final i hope and beleive that the season 4 will be better...
    i have a lot questions about Kara the 5 cylons...
    and im looking forward for answers, how did she survived in exposion like that and how her raptor didnt he manage to get back is she a cylon? i thing we have seen the 4 cylon who is the fifht one?
    season 3 has a lot of unnessesary episodes...thats my opinion of course but some episodes was very boring...
    Season 3 also have a lot of strange thing about storms and the eye of jupiter that i didnt understand...
    And finaly im sure that they were been on earth in season 2...
    Kara said:we are standint on earth...when they were in the middle of stones....i dont get it...
  • Excellent season finale.

    A great season finale with some shocking information. I cannot think any better season finale for Battlestar Galactica which is one of the best science fiction series. After learning that there are five more cylons, i was curious about who they were. I would never say Saul Tigh was a cylon, though. I was surprised to see that because he was one of the most loyal people to Adama and he was tortured in new caprica, he hated cylons but now he learned he is one of them. This makes season four more interesting as i am curious about how they are going to deal with it. One of the best episode ever.
  • Best episode of season 3 or perhaps best episode ever (Spoilers)

    This episode was an awesome finale for season 3!, the story was amazing.

    Finally 4 of the 5 final cylons models are revealed, or are thought to be revealed, Tory Foster, Galen Tyrol, Sam Anders and Saul Tigh!

    I was pretty shocked to find Foster to be one of the 5, she has never really had a major role in the show and for her to now be part of the final 5 is abit strange i think.

    I always kinda knew Tyrol was going to be a Cylon, even after Baltar said he wasnt after the blood test, but seeing as though he is one of the final 5 i think these 5 are more advanced and more human like and have different blood to the other 7 models, and i also think that the final 5 were definatly the first human cylon models, and they created the other 7 models, but created them less advanced so they could create more of them, this way it would make sense that none of the 7 know what they look like.

    I think the final cylon model to be revealed will be Admiral Cain! specially after seeing Razor! that would be cool!

    But my question is, if one of the final 5 models die, will they download like the other 7 models on a resurrection ship? because if they did, then their identities would be revealed to the other 7 models.

    I was abit confused by Starbucks death and return, is she really alive or is she a spirit guiding Apollo to Earth? because before she died, she wanted to be free and to be let go, which to me means she wanted to die, so the only way she could have survived is by changing her mind and ejecting, but this would have killed her instantly as she would have been crushed by the gravity pull?? and there is no way she could have parachuted all the way to Earth? we know she is supposed to be "Special" according to her mother and Leoban! so if she is pecial then it has not been revealed how she is special, perhaps she cannot die?? that would be interesting!

    Looking forward to season 4 now, and getting my hands on the Razor extended DVD!
  • Wow. What can I say. Almost a perfect 10 wrap up for a season finale. Everything comes together with a massive bang and a sense of surreality. The wonderful use of vocals and instrumentals on the Bob Dylan song was excellent.

    Baltar gets his verdict, but more important things happen at the end. All Along the Watchtower is a perfect song to add a surreal atmosphere to the finale, with the four Cylons standing together, and deciding to be what they are. It is also the epitome battle of humanity against the approaching Cylon fleet as well as the possible gateway to earth, heralded by Starbuck.

    The amazing, eye-stunning visuals in the nebula do justice to the sense of grandness about the episode, and although some may be pissed by the departure from standard fare, I personally thing it struck a perfect note. I simply can't wait to see what happens in Season 4. Well done indeed!
  • Ties up the season perfectly.

    While the third season has had it's troubles, on the whole - this episode ties everything together on a season that should really be judged in it's entirety instead of as singular episodes. All the character development that has been seen in "filler episodes" of the past has come to a head here. Relationships have changed, relationships have been exploited, and unexpected relationships have formed, all realistic due to the character driven nature of the show. From the beginning of Lee's speech at Baltar's trial to the end of the episode is some of the finest television that i've ever seen.

    The final 4 cylons??? Do u all think they are cylons???
    I think you all missed it, somethin tells me they arn't cylons, but DECENDANTS of 5 higher beings, lets just say we call them Gods for now. Is the fifth really Roslyn?? or could Kara be the fifth, maybe Kara's destiny was to take the human race to the 5 gods on earth. Why do they have to be cylons?? why cant they be Protectors of the human race. Maybe just MAYBE the cylons got it worng, and they were suppose to protect the human race and not make them exstinct. Dont forget the fifth could also be Gaius Baltar, he is being treated like a God now.

    How is the series going to finish?? is it going to be 1 more season?? orrrrr is it going to be a final movie length feature??? anyone have a clue??? pls tell us or give us a few hints ;)

    Well it shall be revealed sometime...... Big fan of the series since 1978 when i remember sitting 2 feet from the tv with a tape recorder and a mic and recording the audio..... as some kids do weird things. Then playing it back again when I went to bed with headphones.

    I wonder if I might have that tape somewhere, I think I will go digging around for it sometime, man'''' that would be a trip to actually find it and play it again.

    Well thats my revue and trip back in time. I hope to read some comments after mine... keep it up.
  • Great season finale. (spoilers here) I enjoyed the scene when 4 of the final cylons were revealed. I love the idea that they have hated and fought cylons for so long and now find that they have been fighting themselves.... classic.

    The writers of Battlestar do it well!!!
    It was worth holding back the big reveal of the 4 cylons
    until the end of the series rather than spreading it out over a few weeks.....

    I'm interested to know if anyone thinks that Roslyn could be the final cylon????.... she got a sudden headache during the black out....did her internal cylon actually cause the blackout? Starbuck may just be a special human who was plucked out of her ship somehow as it exploded!?!

    I've gotta say that a show like this can't constantly be on its main story. I'm sick of people complaining about 'filler episodes'. Those side episodes that don't really contribute to the core story are there to solidify our relationship with the main characters. I'm happy to be patient ... If they stuck to the main story the whole time,it would have been finished after one season.
    It would have been one hell of a season, but I don't think we would have been as connected to the main characters.
    .... also it makes a great episode like this one, even greater.

    There's no need to be picky.... just enjoy it for what it is. A great sci-fi.
  • Watch this episode after Razor.. it's revealing....

    I have just finished to watch Razor... and ... the old cylon... the revelation about starbuck.. I had to watch again the last episode.. starbuck was like a ghost, with this strange smile on his face... and the power surge, cylons and Humans togheter, they cannot escape.. Seems that the destiny of these two races is coming to a conclusion, like they cannot live apart.
    All of this make me think that everything was written from the beginning.. authors exactly knows where and how the show will end.
    Definitely the best season finale ever... the last 20 seconds are worth of a entire seasons, with highs and lows...
    I cannot wait to see next season...
  • Series finale. A boring and a silly one.

    Series finale. A boring and a silly one. They try to hold the viewer captured to the series at all cost. But let's start from the begining - the first 3/4 of the episode it was not Battlestar Galactica, but more "Boston Legal" in space. The most boring part was the monologue of Lee when he gives us a sermon on morality - it's just such a bad cliché and is so hollywood-like, to hold such speeches - when such a speech starts, you already know what will result at the end of it. I am hardly convinced that such things have not to be placed in such a series like Battlestar Galactica, that is aimed for adults, is serious, is the opposite of predictable and kiddy sci-fi like Stargate Atlantis. In the last 1/4 of the episode, we finaly see some story developement, but what? - THAT 4 people are cylons and Kara reappears alive? I'm surprised they didn't promised us Laura Roslin becoming a robot, Bill Adama getting magical powers and colonel Tigh talking to a green flying alien from the future that is only visible to himself, just to keep us waiting for the next season!
    A poor series finale. I was awaiting something like "Exodus pt.2", but i got boredom and nonsence. And no "Bada-boom"!
  • This episode and season finale was killer!!!

    3 out of 5 ain't bad.
    I initially said that Tigh, Gaeta, Dee, Sam, Tyrol were cylon's. Turns out that it's Tigh, Kara, Sam, Tyrol and Tory. Kara returns and knows where earth is. I knew she was going to come back. I knew the first person to lay eyes on her was going to be Lee Adama. I DID NOT expect her to say she had info about Earth.

    Let me start from the beginning.

    Laura and Will have a very cute phone conversation at the beginning of the episode. I love them together. They bring a stabilizing effect when they interact.

    Baltar goes free and is "Not Guilty". *rolls eyes*
    Colonel Tigh has one eye and he could see that coming.

    Hippy sitar music brings 4 of the 5 mystery cylons together. Their reactions to the news is very tempered and mature. I think Troy will be the first to die.

    Starbuck returns!!!! She is not dead-ish. We are to assume that she is a cylon. Not only that, she's calm, relaxed and knows where Earth is. If she knows, do the other cylons know?

    I am very afraid of the show going to Earth. I didn't watch the crappy 80's debacle but I heard it was very painful to watch.

    We have to wait until 2008 for the next episode. D*mn you Ron Moore!!!!
    I mean... I love you Ron Moore!!!
    I mean...

    My theory.....
    I think the cylons that have been hunting the "humans" were looking for "the five cylons" all along. Maybe they were hunting "the five cylons" down so that they couldn't help the "humans" find Earth.
    Or.... that everyone on the ship is a cylon and this is some bizarre experiment. That theory would piss me off.
  • terrific

    one of the most exciting episodes ever
    i never expected tigh, tyrol, and the others to be cylons
    cant wait to see who the fifth and last one is but i dont think it will be baltar that would be too obvious
    maybe its commmander adama or starbuck there has to be some reason she survived that explosion of her fighter
    i also cant wait till they find earth and hopefully theyll wipe out the cylons before they get there i still cant beleive this show hasnt been nominated for any emmys
    i think this show along with the wire is the best show on
  • I actually did like the show but the trial was really predictable.

    Cool twist at the end but I found it difficult having to put up with the trial which was a no brainer. Smarmy know it all Defence Counsel who sees through Lee like a laser and .... it's just that I've seen this tact taken so many times when it comes to situations like this it was really painful. Defence doing what he does because he wants to know what makes a person do what they do and Lee standing up against his Dad because he's a principled kind of guy who WILL NOT kowtow to an emotional response but to what is just. But Lee does stick up for the old man when Baltar tries to deride him after his acquittal by saying forcefully "Don't push it". Sorry, like I said I did like the twist at the end it's just that I ended up muting the trial scenes because I knew how it was going to end and it bored me senseless. I just thought they'd do something bold!!!
  • A Cracking episode!

    This episode along with crossroads part 1 was one of the most riveting episodes of this great series for a while. The trial was extremely well done and the moment that president roslin said her cancer had returned was an excellent moment and the acting mary mcdonnell and jamie bamber were terrific. The perfomance from the actor who plays Baltar was also excellent and there are always great scenes with this fine character. But the best moment of the episode was when strabuck returned declaring that she knows the way to Earth but I am still not sure whether she is real or what. Cant wait for the new season and also looking forward to Caprica tv show.
  • A powerhouse finale, and not one minute wasted.

    This is a changing point in the series and I look forward to seeing what comes next. This is certainly one of the best episodes of the season and indeed the series. The revelation of four of the final five, the return of Starbuck, and the Cylon baseships truly are great cliffhangers. Does this finale out-do last year's? Absolutely? Season 1's? Hard to say. Kobol's Last Gleaming was an amazing episode as is this, but for two different reasons. I suppose as a cliffhanger, this does pwn Kobol's Last Gleaming, but as an episode on its own? I'm not so sure. Both of them are both in my top 3 favorites, alongside Pegasus and followed by Occupation/Precipice and Exodus part 2.
  • Effective

    When the spoilers about this episode started to surface, I easily wrote it off as fan-fiction wanking. But after having finally viewed the episode, I think it's one of the finest of the series. The whole season has been fantastic in my opinion, and this was a great way to cap it off. Is a stretch that Tigh, Tory, Anders, and Tyrol are all Cylons?? You'd better believe it is. But they have all spent so much time defying the Cylons (Tory less so), that their reaction to the shocking news was very believable. The real question now is, who's #5?
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