Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 19

Daybreak, Part 1 (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2009 on Syfy

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  • I did not enjoy this Lost/desperate housewives/battlestar crossover.

    I've held of writing a review for an episode of this last, most average and disappointing of Battlestar seasons so far. Mostly as I am frankly quite upset (as much as you can be over a make-believe TV show of course) with how this show has turned out, as it splutters and gasps towards the finishing line. If it was a race horse it would have been pulled over by the trainer and had a bolt put through it's head a little while ago, for it's own good. I envied Felix when he was shot by the firing squad. At least the misery is over for him.

    Just what is going on?

    It has degenerated into a flash back filled, nonsensical plot that has so many holes/contrivances in it, with awful writing. The writing used to be pretty good and made up for/covered up the frankly average acting of the lead cast. After the writer's strike did they replace the old writers with cheap students or something?

    Adama has a full acting and emotional range of pissed off sober all the way to pissed off drunk (the only difference being that they show a glass having half a pint of whisky thrown into it at the start of a scene) and the president (is she still the president, who cares?) is either angry/well or ill/sad, that's it. she really is an awful actress, almost as bad a Starbuck.

    Is the president ill or not by the way? Her condition seems to change all the time, quite drastically too, maybe it's the space age drugs?

    At least Lee and Baltar are keeping things on track.

    What's going on with Chef Tyrol too? Is he in the brig or not? Never saw him being put in there, he had a chat about Boomer in there, then was walking free again at the end. Maybe I missed his release, I was watching it at 1.5x speed as I was frankly bored.

    I used to love this space based action drama, which is nothing like what it is now. It's just a weird drama based in modern day America with the occasion jaunt out in a raptor and shot of a star system to make it look like there is something interesting going on.

    I have read a few recent reviews, occasionally someone writes as review daring to criticise what is going on and it gets voted down. Oddly, most reviews give the episodes scores of 9 or 10??? I really must be watching a different show to these people.

    How many times can a review have in it, "setting up for the next great episode" or words along those lines? The episode before last was just setting things up, and the one before that, and the mutiny episodes too......

    What did we learn from this episode? Caprica 6 (you know, 6? The Cylon who had the biggest hand in the genocide of nearly all humanity, but if you dare to say anything to her or hit her now the president will apologise to her??? no trial for her then???) got into Baltar's affections by bothering to look for an retirement home (with veggi patch :-o) for Baltar's dad (who was rather amusingly played by father Jack from father Ted), Wow. She is a genius. All that hard work by the cylon scientists and AI coding really paid off there. Then there was the president's story. She had a personal tragedy. Well, so do many people, what did that have to do with anything?

    Oh and we were reminded of the Lee, Zac, Starbuck love triangle, which Anders has now entered to make it a love rhombus, with a bit of an incestuous feel thrown in when Adama said that she was (like) his daughter and 1 dead participant, who Startbuck blames herself for his death.

    Oh, I can't be bothered. Only 2 episodes to go....