Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 20

Daybreak, Part 2 (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! BSG is over, the agony, the pain, the absolute brilliant, well-thought through ending! Thank you RDM and Eick, thank you so much!

    BSG has been and always will be a series that communicated in brute force the things we hold dear, the things we fear and the things we ignore. Wether you believe in God, Gods or likewise, or wether you are a person that believes in science, one thing is clear, in all aspects of belief. There is no good, there is no bad, there is only that which you make of yourself. A destiny is only as good as the path you choose, the path you follow and the ultimate goal you arrive at! This finale contained all of that and so much more. There was so much ground covered that, having seen Part I last week, I struggled to believe that RDM could pull it off -- and pull it off he did!

    We arrive at a conclusion that was full of twists, full of turns and ultimately a satisfying feast of answers which at no one point felt rushed, out-there or scrapped. Each character came to his or her journeys end, a journey few could have expected to turn out as it did. The Galactica got a send-of worthy of its name. After the New Caprica mission, I always felt that if they did large-scale operations like that again, it would be difficult, neigh impossible to top, yet top they did. Adding a little Star Trek ramming into the twist, it was great to see that even though the ship was frail, falling apart, old, she still had enough in her to top in the last large battle. The Opera House was revealed. Intercut with what was really happening, it felt so right. That the entire Opera House sequence came true was also beyond anything a fan could hope for. Even those that believe this was a short change episode, I strongly dissagree. We had the answer, that this was the ultimate destination, our interpretations in the beginning were so wrong, yet here, it made perfect sense. Was Baltar evil? No, he had a path, and on many occasions the option to leave that path, yet he stayed true, he came through in the end. From a character that was not liked, his final bow came as the greatest spark of hope. His head explained, and Caprica's head explained was just the sweet cherry on top. We all knew that by the end, President Roslyn had to leave us. I feared that Admiral Adama would not go on, having lost so much, gone through so much, so its only a testament to the character, that he chose to go on, the live the dream he had on the sands of New Caprica and make those come true, in honour of her! What a wonderful and majestically romantic scene that was. Kara was always a wild card. Who was she, had she really returned? Was she a harpinger of death? Yes, ultimately she was, but not to the ones we thought. She helped the humans survive, but ultimately brought the cylons down. Standing in the field with Lee Adama, knowing her journey was finished, let me as the viewer know, that she had no more story to be told. She could be with Anders, eagerly awaiting her on the other side, having fullfilled his dream of perfection as well and honoured by giving the Galactica and the Fleet a fitting send off. So we come to the end, the 5 year journed, the exodus of the Colonies, with all their pains, their sorrow, their joys and their dreams. They have made it, they have survived, and they have sparked a new beginning. They arrived home, on Earth.

    Does the 150,000 year ending make sense? A few here say that the obvious should not have been stated, that it was best left unsaid. From my perspective, I feel that it was very fitting. Although the circle seemed to have been broken, the final scene served as a reminder, a reminder that nothing remains status quo, that peace cannot remain if it is not constantly worked at, that progress should not go at the cost of humanity, of those virtues that made to Colonies start over. A shadow that, even though the circle might have been broken, there is always a risk that it could start again... all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again... those words remained in my final thoughts, because all of it has happened, and all of it will happen again, just not the same as before. Break one circle, create a new, nothing is ever gone.

    And yes RDM, you are sexeh! nice of you to make an appearence! All in all, I was very pleased with the ending, so much has been covered here, but there is so much left unsaid. The final question will be answered in the end....

    "What was their plan?"