Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 21

Daybreak, Part 2 (3)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Fracking brillijant ending

    This is by far the best ending i've seen for a sci-fi show in a long time the only bad thing about it is that know BSG is over. Thanks for an awesome ridde over the years. since the first mini serius came you i knew this show was going to be kick ass and it has not disappointed me so when this final episode came i had already got my soda and snak ready + skittlers for some quality bad ass show which like i said before did not disapoint, I just wanna think Ron moore, the cast and everyone that ever worked on BSG for a fantastick work over the years and i'm just said that this is the last time we see BSG ( maybe not one can hope) .
  • A few misfires left this an unsatisfying end.

    Battelstar Galactica was wonderful because it fits the bill of an epic story so perfectly. Just as in the Aeneid or Odyssey, our heroes are on a long and trying quest home, living a journey that without question is divinely inspired. The sense of things being as they were destined to been how such an unlikely sci-fi story has managed to seem gritty, real, and not at all far-fetched.

    Where the show played to these strengths, the finale was wonderful. The plot surrounding Baltar and Caprica Six and their hallucinations really came full circle, and there was an undeniable beauty in having the shared vision of the Opera House, such a large and strange driving force, turned out to be the slightest of cogs in God's great plan. The death of Roslyn on reaching the promised land is no less fitting. As with the final sequence, everything comes full circle.

    When we get down to reality, things take a slightly worse turn. We're to believe that one raider with a salvo of relatively small missiles destroyed the Cylon Colony where the dozen others like it made no dent. Alright. Perhaps the others were recalled during the truth. Cavil masterminding the split of the Cylon race, only to eat his gun when things get slightly hairy? A little out of character and anticlimactic, but fine. Kara's song working as jump coordinates to a habitable planet? Wonderful. But a little less so when you wonder how that managed to be the deliberately chosen rendevouz with nobody realizing there was a planet out there.

    In complaining, I'll ignore the obvious issues with whatever happened to Kara and exactly how someone discovering a habitable planet makes them the harbinger of death, and focus on the greater problem: the ending was not really happy. When you watch a show this long you care for the characters. We watched the estranged Adamas become a tight-knit family, and with Bill's desire to show his girlfriend some animals a few hundred yards away, flies off into the sunset with the most cursory of goodbyes. Gaelen Tyrol sets off to conquer Scotland all by his lonesome, and Lee is left to explore the wilderness without the woman he loves or the father he finally found. Or anybody else.

    Have the producers not Fraking seen "Castaway?" A life of complete isolation from other human beings is neither constructive, nor peaceful, nor happy. It's a tortured existence, one that normally leads to insanity. Knowing that the fate of these people - who have thought so hard and prayed for so long, and earned our empathy and care in the process - is to live what will surely be a tortured existence once the novelty wears off, leaves a disquiet in my sole, an emptiness in my heart, and a bitter taste in my mouth. What the frak were they thinking?!?!
  • The end of the fracking series!

    And Moses showed them the way. There was a deep Moses undertone in this story. It was very Biblical in nature. You could see the mountains and the grass and the swords and lasers turned into plowshares so that they could start farming in peace. Laura like Moses saw the promised land and than never really got to enjoy the land of milk and honey so to speak.

    You know it is very hard to close out a great show like this one. There are going to be some good things and some bad things. I felt for the most part there were a lot more good things than bad and even some of the things I may not have liked completely I still am willing to give them an A for effort and the willingness to at least try to be different.

    First the excellent. I love what they did with Baltar and Six. They did the full circle thing they were meant to be together. Baltar just needed to be a better person. And I believe my interpretation of the hallucinations were that they were in fact guardian angels sent by you know who. And fast forward into the future they were still there watching over the Earth to see if they would be needed again to save it. I thought this was interesting. I mean the writers didn't really want to spell out heavy handedly the God connection, but I believe that is exactly what they did.

    That Galon scene with the murderer of Cala by his side was the show stopper. It was the best scene in this episode bar none.

    I thought a lot of the jumping back in time worked descent even if it was a little bit klunky. I will say early Laura Roslin was utterly worthless and added nothing to the episode. I would rather have had more Apollo and Starbuck than those worthless nothing added to the episode scenes, but they were short and mostly harmless so I'll give them a pass.

    Just some random stuff. Anybody catch Ronald Moore in the end of the episode? I also think there was a slight shoutout to Star Trek First Contact in this one. Even if there wasn't any actual filmed contact.

    I don't know if these things are bad or good but I'll comment on them. Hera in my opinion is a copy of the Starchild in an older series named V. She was the hope of both races and than. Well in this case she did lead the way to Earth, didn't she? Anyone notice the walking stick Moses shoutout! I don't know if she really lived up to the hype with the writing like she should have, but it wasn't too bad either. V just got cancelled before that Star Child could actually do something. Like I said cut out some of that useless Laura Roslin spring fling stuff and maybe there would have been better closure there, but it still wasn't too bad.

    And finally Starbuck and Apollo. Well first of all I think the way the writers perceived them was kind of a hardcore Princess Leia and Luke relationship. She was his sister. Not, by blood, but that is the way they treated them in the series. They were related they just ignored it until they had to say goodbye in the end. Now, her dissapearance? I refuse to accept her as an Angel. I'd rather interpret it to Lee's imagination of a goodbye long ago. I don't think they really satisfactorily answered the Kara question maybe Caprica the series is supposed to answer that one. I don't know. But I think sometimes when you have a great series like this one. And they entertained you season after season. And they came up with a decent ending right down to the making robots repetition of history. You have to cut them a little slack and accept that some mysteries are never going to be completely answered on TV or in life. Now, where did Amelia Earhart go again? I think Starbuck is right there beside her! Great show, I hate to see her go!
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