Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 21

Daybreak, Part 2 (3)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Uninspiring Cop out!

    And so one of the greatest series ever comes to an end and it isnt what you want!

    The first part of the finale and the epic fight against Cavil was ver imperssive(ill write a review for that soon), I see that the author had a good reason for him to commit sucide-he lost nothing he could do, he has no future. But what bugs me is that the finale was too rushed. I wanted to give this ep a 10 out of 10 but only could give it a 5 which means-Asian fail through its passable. Many critics call this ending a cop out as it wasnt logical and I agree.

    Im athiest and I hate endings that give god a direct role. The story of the humans ordeals was suspensful with them trying to escape their fate by finding this place called Earth but only found what the Capitol wastelands looks like in Fallout 3 so they had to leave. But when they get to new earth everything falls apart. The rebel Cylons free their armies and allow them to roam the cosmos forever searching for their own destiny while the Rebels stay on Earth. Well good but guess what the humans have in mind.

    Lee says that the humans have abused technology and that they are not ready for the responsibility of the technology they've developed, and suggests they start over by teaching the planet's humans about language and culture, but not teaching them about technology or weapons. Everyone agrees. The survivors move to the planet and take basic supplies with them, but they have Anders pilot the ships into the sun, destroying the ships. Now while I understand that they've learned their lesson I felt that this is stupid! They just remove all traces of their pasts and expect the primitive humans to not "fall over the edge" WRONG! They should have taught the primitive humans some sort of fable or story telling them not to stray from their path. Just destroying their past and "expecting" our ancestors not to follow their fate is not "learning from their mistakes"!

    Then my next thing is Kara being an Angel and so is head six and head Baltar! Impossible! You're saying Moore that god helped us to Earth DIRECTLY! This is wrong I may be an athiest but I think that your god wants us to choose our paths! Give me a more logical reason that Starbuck came back then Starbuck/Kara=Jesus! A lot of things that has logical anwsers were dropped for religion. This is not fantasy this isnt deus ex mechina this is BSG!

    Roslin's death wasnt sad she had been dying the whole series and now it didnt feel depressing anymore. Try writing a more depressing way for her to die.

    Finally the end. We are decended from humans interbreeding with our ancestors but only Hera's fossils could be found and Head Six and Head Baltar were still alive and wondering if humans can change their ways. But it is decided that all humans do is programmed by god and then we get a annoying parade of robots.

    So youre saying that the reasons we have these wars, the reason we have abused our powers, the reason for a lot of evils in society was programmed by god? Damn even christians will be offended! Youre saying we're puppets to a higher power and that all has happened before all of this will happen again. If so than humankind is doomed to extinction and this cant be the history of the Human race we are smart we can go against nature not be pawns to a higher entinity!

    This is the worst copout ever it only gets a fight cause the fight was epic! Im still hopeful bout Caprica and your cylon movie but dont do this again! It was disappointing!