Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 21

Daybreak, Part 2 (3)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2009 on Syfy

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  • A terrible ending to the show. Why even bother searching for Earth when they were just going to throw it all away? I simply can't believe that two advanced races, human and Cylon, were willing to send their ships into the sun and lose everything.

    This was a terrible way to wrap up the show, a situation that seems to be getting all to common these days. Ever since the mutiny failed, all they really seemed to be doing was waiting for the Galactica to fall apart or explode. How many times did we have to see the great Admiral Adama break down and cry like a little baby? Get over it, already.

    The final few episodes made far too much use of the hated "flashback" and there simply was no real action between the failed mutiny until the attack on the Cylon research colony. The first ten episodes of season four were so much better than the final episodes, it is like they fired all the good writers and hired a room full of typing monkeys.

    I found the neverending flashbacks in part 1 of the series finale pointless this late in the show. Part 2 with the all out invasion against the Cylon research base was all a person could hope for, but the final hour when they basically were delivered to "Earth 2" by Kara's jump co-ordinates became ridiculous.

    Not one but two advanced civilizations (human and humanoid cylons) abandon their technology, the ability to travel through space, weapons, all their medical knowledge, literature, and simply send all of their ships flying into the sun? Get real. Instead of salvaging the Galactica for raw materials to build a small city, they go live like cavemen, and nobody even argues with Apollo's idiotic suggestion to do this. What a pathetic ending to such a drawn out and brutal struggle for survival over four seasons.

    These people still had a lot to learn. They should have stayed together, or formed a couple colonies to increase their odds of survival. Cancer was still devestating to them. How many other diseases did they lack cures for? They still smoked and drank themselves stupid. Someone gets shot in the leg? Don't give them a cybernetic leg, just hack it off, hand them a prostetic limb and a crutch, and suffer through it.

    These people should have fought tooth and nail to keep the technology they had, and built upon it. With the help of the Cylon synthetic humans, they probably could have made huge leaps in their knowledge. Did no one even think to ask the Cylons if they could cure cancer like Laura had? They could grow synthetic humans, after all.

    But no, Laura Rosalin dies from cancer, Adama becomes a hermit, Starbuck simply vanishes, apparently satisfied that her work as the harbinger of death is complete seeing as 150,000 years later, no one knows a thing about the survivors of the colonies.

    And what was Kara Thrace? An angel, a demon, a time traveler? How did she return from the dead? Who gave her a new Viper to return in? How did her old viper and her body end up on the first Earth? Did God do it, the Lords of Kobol, maybe Obi-Wan Kenobi? We never learn. She just vanishes.

    Truthfully, the Cylon Centurions were the only ones with an ounce of common sense. They gratefully accepted the Cylon baseship and flew off into the unknown, probably laughing their circuit boards off at the primitives they finally left behind while they went off to locate some advanced civilization that had enough intelligence to give them the ability to speak out loud.

    This was a poor ending to a show that, while it had some bad qualities, it also had remarkable potential. Too bad that potential wasn't used in the final hour of the series. It's almost as though everything they had done throughout the series was for nothing. The only thing I can really say is that the Cylons must have regretted ever coming back and attacking Caprica and the colonies, because everyone on both sides ended up dying off and being forgotten. Kara Thrace truly was the Harbinger of Death.