Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 21

Daybreak, Part 2 (3)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2009 on Syfy

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  • You can't please everybody, especially those who expect the series to go exactly the way they want it to. For the rest of us though, it was a good end to a great show.

    Watching my favorite show end was both a happy and sad occasion. On the one hand, hey they finally found Earth! On the other, the show is over. What I perceived to be a satisfying ending, that answered many questions and put to rest all of the storylines in a generally good manner was apparently terrible to those oh so few annoying folk who are determined to ruin everyone else's perception on the finale. But hey, if I wanted to get into an argument, I'd go to the forums! So here's my take: In the finally saw all of the types of Galactica shows in one. We had the big battle, the drama, some despair and finally, joy, coupled with a small pinch of confusion. But there was no major confusion, just some minor things. As usual acting was great, special effects were mind blowing and the music was fantastic. In the end, the journey was complete and they found Earth! Ah, yes. Earth. The whole point of the show!! But, when reading some of these other reviews, you don't seem to find that point anywhere. Everyone's mad that they abandoned all of there technology and how that doesn't make sense. Who cares?! They found Earth!! That's the whole hope of the human race, the thing we've been waiting to see, the thing they've been waiting to see! There's a whole bunch of reasons I could think of about why they abandoned their technology, but that doesn't really matter. In the end it couldn't be all happy. Roslin dies. I'll just say, I would have preferred that they hadn't shown her death on screen, because what should have been a happy ending, was sadly empty, because It just was sad seeing Adama like that. It wasn't a bad scene, I just would have preferred it differently. And, yes, I think we can all agree that the last few minutes were unnecessary and out of place. It's really foolish that people are treating this episode as the worst ever, giving it 1's and 2's, when looking back it did a satisfying job. Just 'cause they didn't do the episode your way, you shouldn't bring the episode's rating down and ignite a pointless firestorm. Just a shout-out to all the cast and crew of Battlestar Galactica: Thanks for making such a great show!