Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 21

Daybreak, Part 2 (3)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2009 on Syfy

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  • I wasn't blown away by the finale, but the irony of the review posts is palpable.

    This finale let the series down, no doubt. I thought there were much better directions the writers could have taken the questions they raised about what it means to be human or machine. The prophetic storyline became overbearing and left golden opportunities unexplored (my not give Gata a cylon leg and explore the more modern dilemma of man/machine? - how many artificial organs and limbs does it take before a person is more machine than human?) Anyway, the main point of this review is to point out the hilarious irony of all the low-scored reviews that hinged on the outrage that the colonies would leave their technology behind. Especially those suggesting that "this is not Sci-Fi". Sci-Fi is first and foremost a commentary on the present or near future situations that humanity finds itself in. The present situation, as those reviewers so clearly reveal, is that we are a generation that thinks technology is our God. Technology will eventually solve everything, technology is sacred, it must never be disposed of. You are, hilariously, missing the point of the writer. The fact that you feel so betrayed by the fleet sailing into the sun, that you are so flabbergasted that humans would leave technology behind, that you are so stunned at the stupidity of humanity not working together with Cylons to build even better technology so that the human race would have "hope"... is the WHOLE point. You are the people that the writer is giving a scathing commentary on. You are hooked on technology like a zealot is hooked on religion. Everyone mocking the religious spin on this story is missing the big laughs aimed at them because they can't see they are exactly the same, simply inserting technology for God.

    The point is that technology is NOT God or even a god. Technology is the problem, but your reviews reveal your blindness to the fact. Hypnotized by the delusion that eventually, technology will solve everything, when in reality, it simply keeps killing you, over and over again, in a thousand little ways.

    The colonists sent technology into the sun, because its not the answer. The writer is trying to say something about where we put our hopes today. That's what Sci-Fi does. It comments on the present. Your pro-tech reviews just add a delicious meta-narrative to the series that completely proves his point.