Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2009 on Syfy

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  • This one ties together plot points, shows strength and weaknesses of characters, and continues to build toward the conclusion.

    The Good:
    -- Tigh, who seemed like a filler character when this all began, and an extremist in the middle of the series, has turned into the voice of reason and has the most balanced view.
    -- Ellen is not quite the good gal we saw last week and she was much more in character this week.
    -- The actress who plays the Sixes was particularly strong showing us a wide variety of personalities within the same model. Of course, she has done the same through the whole series.
    -- I am glad they are talking about the dreams again.
    -- BSG handles topics many series don't want to touch - e.g. grief over the loss of an infant.

    The Bad:
    -- To our knowledge, "Head Six" has been absent for quite sometime. Yet, here she pops in, Baltar seems unsurprised, and slips back into parroting what she says.
    -- I was very disappointed to see the Chief vote to go live with the Cylons and abandon the humans. I know they needed a tie vote as a plot device, nevertheless, the whole building back up the Chief we knew at the beginning seemed to come crashing down.
    -- Adama fought a mutiny over working with the Cylons but now seems to be unsure. He almost doesn't seem aware of what he is saying when he is drinking with Tigh. And arming Baltar's groupies seems quite unwise.

    Like a roller coaster that picked up speed but now is coasting to the next major event, this episode wasn't the best. But it wasn't bad either. Looking forward to the rest.

    Until next week,
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