Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2009 on Syfy



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    • (after Ellen Tigh boards Galactica)
      Hot Dog: How many dead chicks are out there?

    • Baltar: (to Adama and Roslin) Galactica is slipping away from you, drop by drop. You are pouring Cylon blood into her veins. I see the Cylon pylons -- we all see them! We all see the Cylon workforce. Where are they going, into the far recesses of the ship? When are you inviting the Centurions over, to join in all the fun we're having over here? Of course when you do that, that very moment, this becomes a blended ship, only half-human. And right now, I am here to tell you, your people, your people are not ready for that.

    • Gaius Baltar: (referring to the young boy) And who's this?
      Naia: (to her son) Stand up. Stand up. (to Baltar) This is Gaius.
      Baltar: (thinking that the boy was named after him) Oh. Really? I'm very flattered.
      Naia: It was his father's name.

    • Ellen: (to Tigh) Please, do not tell me I was your mental porn. That's just sad!

  • Notes

    • The scene of Ellen's arrival back on the Galactica closely mirrors her original appearance on the series in the Season One episode "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down". In both episodes, the camera looks into the open door of the Raptor from a vantage off to the left. Ellen's legs are shown with the right leg crossed over the left leg. Then Ellen exits the Raptor to the surprise of her husband Saul Tigh.

    • Tricia Helfer read the "Previously on Battlestar Galactica" line at the beginning of this episode.

    • As of the main title sequence, there are 39,556 survivors in the Colonial Fleet, the same number as at the beginning of the previous episode.

    • Edward James Olmos was portrayed in the post-episode "R&D" segment (Ronald Moore and David Eick) for the first time. "Olmos" is upset about his check and attacks Moore and Eick before obtaining the check. He closes the segment by saying "Gracias", a reference to Olmos' Mexican heritage.

    • Series composer Bear McCreary made his series onscreen debut as a patron at Joe's Bar. His appearance was signaled by the presence of the piano and by Kara expressing her surprise that there was a piano in the bar.

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