Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 16

Dirty Hands

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2007 on Syfy

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  • I would like the so-called fans who toss around the word "Filler" like it's candy to read this one.

    I have tried, really..I have struggled to maintain an "everybody has a right to an opinion" attitude toward fans who have been calling the majority of third season episodes fillers. But some reactions to this episode take the cake. This series, people..for those who have not been paying attention for the..mmm..what is it now ...almost five years since the mini-series NOT a sci-fi show. I'll say that again..IT IS NOT A SCI-FI SHOW! Can ya hear me now? Good. It is , as Ron Moore pointed out before the min-series even aired, (and that's a year BEFORE the mini-series, so that's actually six years, for whoever's counting) is a DRAMA, that happens to take place in a sci-fi universe. That means it's about people first. It's not about the scenerios cloaked in the action, suspense, tragedies, special effects,'s about how those events effect the people, the characters, that we have grown to love. Every time one of these episodes comes around which do not deal with Cylons, traps, attacks, or the suspenseful plots, twists and turns which this series so well presents, then it is automatically crap, right? These reviews seem to be posted by people with the attention span of a sound bite, and a scope of intelligence just as vast. In the last episode, it was stated that it had been just under 50 days since the Cylons had last been seen. So we've been taking a refreshing look at the people in the fleet too seldom seen. The little people, the people who in fact are the life-blood of the fleet. The people without whom, the fleet could not survive. It's one of the things I love about this show, and frankly, what separates it, and distinguishes it from the rest of the sci-fi drek which numbs itself under the guise of a lot of tech. We were given a glimpse of the underbelly of the fleet. It showed, in-your-face style, things that are seriously wrong with the society, and need fixing, badly. If society ignores these issues, than what are we staying alive for, fighting for, and indeed..dying for? It was also a shining moment for Tyrol. One of the biggest challenges for all the people in the fleet, is to find a way to keep their sanity and humanity, sometimes scratching and clawing to keep it, in the face of madness, and a constant shadow of death and destruction. As Agathon demonstrated in "The Woman King", (another episode designated as filler by so many), Tyrol demonstrated that, in a culture that has lost almost everything, sometimes the most important thing, and indeed, maybe the only important thing we have left, is who we are, what we believe in. What is right, and what is wrong. This, my friends and fellow fans is at the very core of the show. It doesn't matter if it's Cylons, or dogfights, or personal conflicts, or labor disputes. It's about hanging on to, and fighting for, what you believe in. That's what Tyrol did. And it brought a hell of a drama to the episode. This was a well acted, very dramatic and , yes, very suspenseful episode. Those of you looking for the same plotlines, twists and turns, action etc., every single episode are unrealistic and silly. This is the most human type of story. And now that we've spent the last small handful of them dealing with this type of human exploration, we can look forward for the thrills and chills to resume. And indeed, we can appreciate them that much more.
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